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In an effort to diversify its massive ecosystem, Apple has released a new update to its iCloud app for Windows. Update 12.5 adds the ability for users to access and manage their iCloud passwords from a Windows device. For the first time ever, you can access your saved passwords on iCloud from your Windows PC.

According to a new report from Ars Technica, Apple has released this update to help users who spend a lot of their time in Apple’s ecosystem but may use Windows devices from time to time. The tech giant behind the iPhone and iOS ecosystem has recently been working to expand its services for users with other devices.

Earlier this year, Apple added the ability to access iCloud passwords from Google Chrome. This was a great expansion, as it gave users the ability to, for the first time, utilize Apple’s password manager on a platform outside of Apple’s ecosystem. This new update expands on that ability even further.

The new iCloud password manager for Windows shows up as its own app whenever you download or update to iCloud version 12.5. From there, you can launch the app and gain access to your stored password, making it much easier to log in from a different device.

Not only can you view and manage your saved passwords through this new Windows app, but you can also sync your passwords across your PC as well as the Microsoft Edge web browser. This is a welcome feature for people with their hands in different tech ecosystems and should bring a lot of convenience to Apple’s users.

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