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Justin Bieber Says He Had an 'Emotional Breakdown' After Marrying Hailey Baldwin

"I thought marriage was going to fix all my problems, and it didn't."

Justin Bieber knows that any marriage is going to take a lot of work.

During an Apple Music 1 interview, the 28-year-old singer opened up about how he had struggled with his mental health in the early days of his marriage to Hailey Baldwin and spoke about how he had to adjust his expectations.

“It’s a journey. I mean, I remember when I first got married, I hit a little bit of an emotional breakdown because I thought marriage was going to fix all my problems and it didn’t,” Justin confessed.

“It just kind of was a reflection of, like, ‘You’re a bit of a hypocrite, man. Like, you want your wife to do something that you’re not doing.’ And … it’s hard sometimes to look in the mirror and really have to realize, ‘Man, maybe you’re not the person that you necessarily thought that you were.’ And, you know that’s just the result of trauma and life circumstances,” he explained.

The “Peaches” singer credited the improvements to his mental health to his devotion to his religion. “Obviously I’ve been so just very public about my faith journey and how my relationship with Jesus has helped me to just, you know, not be so hard on myself,” he said. “Just the idea that I’m forgiven and that, you know, he’s walking me through this journey, and day by day, I get to just, you know, get better and better and not be too hard on myself.”

“I think that that’s ultimately what’s going to encourage the people of the world of, like, it’s discouraging out here sometimes, life smacks you in the face and it can be hard to get back up,” Justin explained.

“But when you can have a perspective that God is not an angry dude, he is a loving, considerate, compassionate God who knows what we’re going through and just wants us to be the best versions of ourselves,” he added. “And so that for me in that perspective has really changed everything, man.”

In addition to his relationship with Hailey, Justin revealed that he was hard at work on his next album and gushed about John Mayer’s feature on his new body of work.

“I don’t think there’s a date yet, but I do know that we’re wrapping it up,” he said per Billboard. “It’s almost done. It sounds really good. I’m really excited about it. I got a lot of cool features and yeah, it should be dropping not too long from now.”

Of John’s feature, Bieber said, “He’s someone who I’ve looked up to for a long time. So we were at Henson the studio, and I was working on this song and he came in and he’s like, ‘Can I go in the booth?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, bro, go in.'”

“And so he went in the booth and then he came out and he laid a guitar solo and it was just like, it was mind-blowing to see him actually operate in his gift like that, being able to like see it first-hand, because like he is on another level. It’s insane.”

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