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Vampire Diaries Creator Reacts To Legacies Cancellation
Julie Plec, the co-creator of The Vampire Diaries and creator of its spinoffs The Originals and Legacies, laments the cancellation of Legacies.

Vampire Diaries Creator Reacts To Legacies Cancellation

The co-creator of The Vampire Diaries shares her thoughts on the abrupt cancellation of the spinoff series Legacies. Julie Plec co-created Vampire Diaries with Scream screenwriter Kevin Williamson back in 2009, based on the popular young adult novels by L. J. Smith about a small-town high school student who falls in love with an ageless vampire. The massively popular show aired for 8 seasons and 171 episodes before Plec went on to create the prequel series The Originals in 2013. Legacies followed in 2018 as a spinoff of The Originals, which followed events at a school for the supernaturally gifted.

Legacies has been running on The CW, but the show was recently canceled by the network, ending the 13-year run of the Vampire Diaries universe. It is but one show among a huge slate of beloved series that got the ax in a sweeping cancellation of shows that remained on the bubble during a time when the network was potentially being put on the market by its parent companies, who claimed it had never turned a profit in its history of being on the air. Also canceled were the Arrowverse series DC’s Legends of TomorrowBatwoman, and Naomi, the reboot series CharmedDynasty, and Roswell, New Mexico, and the original series In the Dark.

On her official Twitter account, Plec shared a tweet reacting to the sad news. She compared the mass slate of cancellations to Game of Thrones‘ Red Wedding, an iconic and quite bloody moment from HBO’s fantasy series where multiple major characters are massacred. She said she has “much more to say, but not today,” promising more incoming tweets thanking the cast, crew, and fans when she is emotionally prepared to write them. Check out her post below:

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Plec is feeling the loss of the show in triplicate, as she is also a producer on Roswell, New Mexico. Her NBC series The Endgame, which stars Deadpool‘s Morena Baccarin as a criminal mastermind playing a cat and mouse game with an FBI agent, was also just canceled after one season. Not only has this cancellation ended the Vampire Diaries legacy, but it has also wiped her off The CW slate completely. As Plec says, the “Red Wedding” style event saw several different shows canceled both at The CW and across various other networks.

Luckily for fans of both Plec and Legacies, her next project will sound mighty familiar. On Peacock, she is developing a new show adapted from the Vampire Academy book series by Richelle Mead. The series, which is also set at a supernatural academy, will likely be where she pours all of her remaining unused Legacies ideas and prove that her take on the vampire mythos can remain immortal.

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