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Criminal Minds Revival’s Darkest Theory Means Morgan Must Return
The darkest theory regarding the upcoming Paramount+'s Criminal Minds revival suggests that Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) needs to return to the BAU.

Criminal Minds Revival’s Darkest Theory Means Morgan Must Return

The darkest Spencer Reid theory for the Criminal Minds revival means that Derek Morgan’s return is a must. Paramount+ is bringing back the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) that fronted the CBS procedural for 15 years – this time, however, through streaming. While the majority of Criminal Minds‘ core cast is confirmed to return, Matthew Gray Gubler’s reprisal of Reid remains uncertain. His potential absence in Criminal Minds season 16 paves the way for the show makers to tackle one of the most disturbing theories about Reid in an effort to explain his whereabouts. 

Every single member of the BAU plays a significant role in their operations. Reid, however, is particularly intrinsic considering his eidetic memory making it easier for him to crack mysteries when solving cases. Unfortunately, he isn’t without his own personal struggles. Given his mother’s genetics, at one point, he was paralyzed with the fear of having paranoid schizophrenia, although the show never confirmed this. Due to a series of traumatic experiences, Reid also had substance abuse issues in Criminal Minds. Combining these factors with Reid’s work requiring him to place himself in the mindset of killers, a dark theory suggests that Reid himself has the capacity to become a serial killer himself — something that the Paramount+ Criminal Minds revival can incorporate into its storytelling. 

The absence of Reid in Criminal Minds season 16 can be explained by the idea that he may have actually gone down the dark path. For 15 years, Reid relied heavily on his BAU team; they were essentially his family, especially considering his mother’s situation. The support he got from his co-workers, not to mention the string of cases that they handled throughout the years kept Reid in line. Leaving the bureau could have made him vulnerable to a darker mindset. If Reid indeed becomes a killer in the Criminal Minds revival, resolving the storyline means that Morgan needs to return. While Reid was close with everyone in the BAU, he had a particularly special relationship with Morgan as they were more than brothers than co-workers. Aside from Derek’s great skills as a former member of the BAU, his personal relationship with Reid will be significant in stopping him from his criminal activities. 

While Shemar Moore left Criminal Minds in season 11, he returned several more times for a brief cameo or a full guest stint. So, convincing the actor to reprise his role as Morgan won’t be that difficult. Considering his close relationship with some remaining BAU team members, Morgan getting involved upon learning about the Reid situation makes sense. At one point, he dropped by the FBI just to check on Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) who was struggling because of her personal ties to the team’s case. Back in Criminal Minds season 12, Morgan got mad for not being informed about Reid’s incarceration; with that in mind, it’s safe to say that he will be more than willing to come out of his retirement to help with his quasi-younger brother’s dangerous situation in Criminal Minds season 16. 

If Reid does become a serial killer for the Criminal Minds revival, the BAU will have to handle his case differently from their past ones. Stopping their former teammate from committing more crimes will obviously be a priority. But they will also want to make sure that he is brought into custody in a safe manner. Reaching out to Reid may be the best course of action, and Morgan will be the best man to do that. 

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