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Hilaria Baldwin Distributes Hand Cream And Cash To Strangers For Mental Health Awareness
The month of May is Mental Health Awareness month and Hilaria Baldwin decided to give cream and cash to strangers.

Hilaria Baldwin Distributes Hand Cream And Cash To Strangers For Mental Health Awareness

It seems Hilaria Baldwin wants to give something back to her community in the spirit of mental health awareness month.

In a video posted to her Instagram account on Thursday night, the wife of actor Alec Baldwin could be seen walking around distributing items to the local community.

Hilaria Baldwin Is Looking To Spread Positivity During Mental Health Awareness Month

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In the video, Hilaria can be seen distributing bags to people at a park and to a man in a wheelchair.

“In the spirit of mental health awareness (yes, the month, but also every month and always), I am making a little shift with a recent story I posted,” she wrote. “So much focus on consumerism can fuel bullying, cowardice, and not standing up for each other.”

“Craving real humanity, one of the questions I often ask myself is: how can I live each day, giving more and more and trying to be a force of positivity?” she asked. “It’s what I want more than anything: just to feel human and experience other people’s humanity. Take away the layers of all the blah, blah, blah…get back to the real.”

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“I decided to pack up the brand new creams from the other day, add cash and a note I wrote inside, and find people to give them to,” she explained. “Giving is not only about the gift, but also about what it does to the soul—both the giver’s and the receiver’s. We have a connection of good, that hopefully means we see the world more positively, even when something negative happens.”

“From a woman who lives outside down the street from us, to a man who uses a wheelchair and asks for money outside of the subway, to extremely hardworking delivery workers who have children…I’m grateful for the moments of smiles and to feel a soul connection 🤍,” she wrote. “Hopefully it was meaningful to them too. This avenue feels more ME…and how good to feel yourself, no? Total freedom.”

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Hilaria limited comments on the video. As of this writing, the only comment reads, “Hilaria me gusta tu solidaridad con la gente más desfavorecida, eres un ejemplo a seguir ❤️” The comment can be loosely translated as, “Hilaria I like your solidarity with the most disadvantaged people, you are an example to follow ❤️” Hilaria responded to the comment with a heart emoji on her own.

Hilaria Wants To Let Her New Baby ‘Define’ Its Own Gender


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Earlier this week, Hilaria revealed that she has another baby girl on the way. Hilaria and her husband already share children Carmen Gabriela, 8, Rafael Thomas, 6, Leonardo Ángel Charles, 5, Romeo Alejandro David, 3 1/2, and Eduardo “Edu” Pao Lucas, who was born in September 2020, is now 18 months old. María Lucía Victoria, the couple’s newest daughter, was born last spring and is now 13 months old. Alec Baldwin also has a daughter, Ireland Baldwin, 26, with his ex-wife Kim Basinger.

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“It’s always been both fun and meaningful for me to find out what is the sex of my baby, yet, as I grow and learn, I want to do it a bit differently this time around,” Hilaria wrote in the caption of the video. “What will make our baby a loving, whole person? What matters?”

“What will make them feel seen, free, and proud?” she asked. “Perhaps nothing that we can define. We can only guide, encourage their spirit, listen, share our experiences, and learn from them, as we watch their own journey. We can provide as good a life as we can, but the rest is up to our baby to discover their own, unique self.”

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“I share with you our family’s hopes and wishes, encouragement, and advice for our new baby,” she continued. “I feel so much joy, watching these children, who are filled with love and the most simple, kind wisdom. Hearing them share their words is one of my greatest gifts in life.”

“Join us in honoring this whole little independent human, growing inside of me❤️” she concluded.

In a previous video, Hilaria had indicated that she is due this fall.

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