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Halle Berry and Winnie Harlow Defuse Nicki Minaj Vs Cardi B 'Queen of Hip Hop' Drama (Exclusive)
BIA also weighed in on the debate.

BIA also weighed in on the debate.

Who is the real “Queen of Hip Hop”?

The question of who currently holds the title has been fiercely debated of recent, with many famous faces pledging — or at least appearing to pledge — their allegiance to one of two heirs apparent: Nicki Minaj and Cardi B.

The drama kicked off earlier this month when Halle Berry, discussing the soundtrack of her new Netflix film “Bruised”, said she had personally reached out to Cardi to be involved because she “is the Queen of Hip Hop”:

"I reached out to Cardi b because she's the Queen of Hip hop"🤭🤭👑 iktr Halle berry pic.twitter.com/ZI77KjSeps

— kulture's Richard Mille (@Cardi_theGoat) November 14, [email protected]_theGoat

This didn’t sit well with the Barbz — including, apparently, Winnie Harlow, who while presenting the award for Best Hip Hop at the 2021 MTV Europe Music Awards the very next night, pronouncedly announced the winner as “the one and only Queen of Hip Hop… Nicky Minaj”:

Winnie Harlow presents Nicki Minaj with #MTVEMAs Best Hip-Hop Award ♥️pic.twitter.com/fiLSgAYGYa

— Shes Fishy👵🏽 ➐ (@ShesFishy) November 14, [email protected]

Naturally, the internet rushed to conclude that Berry and Harlow were now limbering up to take opposite sides in the suddenly re-ignited beef; but according to both ladies — the whole thing was blown way out of proportion:

“She is,” Berry assuredly replied when asked if there was also room for Nicki to be a queen. “They’re all queens.”

“They’re all queens, we’re all queens,” she added with a smile. “And if you didn’t know… now you know.”

Winnie meanwhile insisted she didn’t get any blowback for her comments — because “you only get blowback if you care.”

She said she hadn’t spoken to either rapper because “it’s not that deep to be talking about.”

“Like it’s not that deep, we’re all grown women, supporting queens,” she added (plural).

“I don’t think Nicki took any offense from Halle and I don’t think Cardi took any offense from me, we’re all grown,” she insisted. “But the fans you know, they’re passionate, they’re young. They show their love.”

She held that everything was cool between her and all parties involved, although “I’ve never met Halle I would love to, I’m a fan. Aren’t we all?”

She insisted she was also a fan of Cardi’s — but jokingly deflected when asked if she considers her a friend.

Meanwhile BIA, another self-confessed Barb — and rocking the chain to prove it — gave her thoughts on the situation:

“That’s not for me to say, that’s for the people to say,” she opined, when asked who the rightful Queen was. “That’s for the people. That’s not my place to say who’s the queen, but you know, you know who my girl is. I love Nicki, it’s all love.”

“I said when you speak of her, you got to speak of her on the legend status. Like, don’t compare her to new artists. You gotta compare her to the greats. What she did is … it’s bigger than that,” she added.

“You gotta give people their respect while they’re here, you know what I’m saying? Give people their flowers while they’re here.”

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