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The Boys Season 3 New Trailer To Release Next Week
Prime Video confirms a new trailer for The Boys season 3 is officially releasing next week and might focus heavily on Jensen Ackles' Soldier Boy.

The Boys Season 3 New Trailer To Release Next Week

A brand new The Boys season 3 trailer is officially releasing next week. Prime Video found one of its biggest hits yet in 2019 when the adaptation of Garth Ennis and Darrick Robertson’s comic debuted. The Boys brought plenty of adult content, violence, and more to the superhero genre, which helped the series stand apart in a world where The CW, Disney+, Netflix, and more deliver multiple superhero TV shows. After gaining an even bigger audience with its second season, The Boys season 3 is among the most anticipated returning TV shows of 2022.

Following the explosive events of The Boys season 2’s ending, the third season is set to deliver some major twists. The early marketing for The Boys season 3 confirmed that the show will give Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) and other members of The Boys team superpowers, giving them a chance to match the strength of Homelander, The Seven, and any other Supes they want to take down. Prime Video previously highlighted the increased powers and action with the first The Boys season 3 trailer, which also confirmed a June 2022 release date for the series.

It has now been announced that The Boys season 3 is getting a new trailer released next week. The show’s official Twitter account confirmed that the new The Boys season 3 trailer will arrive on Monday, May 16th. It came with the release of a new poster that highlights Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) and his superteam, Payback. Based on the tweet announcement, it seems that the new footage could focus primarily on this new batch of Supes.

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Ever since The Boys season 3 was announced, Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy has been one of the most hyped aspects of the series. The marketing hasn’t shown too much of him to this point, but it certainly seems like that is poised to change with the new trailer. Soldier Boy is The Boys‘ twisted version of Captain America (if that wasn’t clear based on his patriotic costume), although the comic version of him lacks Steve Rogers’ fearlessness and leadership. After only getting a few teases of what Soldier Boy looks like, hopefully, the new The Boys season 3 trailer will provide a better explanation for how he fits into the story.

With The Boys season 3’s release date less than a month away, this new trailer should be the beginning of the final big marketing push from Prime Video. It will be fascinating to see what all the footage shows, as several viewers are curious to see a glimpse at the often-discussed Herogasm moment. Since The Boys season 3’s trailers have already teased a musical number, Billy Butcher and The Boys getting powers, and much more, there’s no telling what type of surprises could come next.

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