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These Reactions To “Hold Tight” Will Make You Want To Binge Watch The Show
Hold tight to your chair while watching this taut thriller.

These Reactions To “Hold Tight” Will Make You Want To Binge Watch The Show

Netflix might have slipped on the charts of stock market, but its clasp on the charts of viewership is anything but slippery. Its latest limited series Hold Tight bears testimony to this.


The show is full of twists and turns and will keep you on the edge of your seat. There are few parallel stories in motion, and it may initially distract you from the central mystery, but the air of suspense that pervades the series shall compel you to keep watching.

Let’s take a look at what the viewers are saying about the show:


1. The series is mind-blowing.

👑HerBossladyy💋💄 @BossLadyyDanii

Hold tight On Netflix is Good As Fck

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Twitter: @BossLadyyDanii

2. Hold tightly to the recommendations of watching this show.

Princess @dripavell

Hold Tight on Netflix is so damn good! Watch it.

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Twitter: @dripavell

3. Some fans are urgently requesting to not miss this show.


Hold Tight on Netflix is WILD!!!!! Please watch!!!!

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Twitter: @tabbbyy_

4. What all Hold Tight has to offer.

Aneesha Shewani @felinemusings

Fast-paced, multi-layered, crisp, and a must-watch. This thriller raises questions around trust & parenthood in Internet era. It ends a bit hastily as its just 6 episodes long but it conveys a deep message. #mustwatch #polishthriller #holdtight #netflixhttps://t.co/lADOAqma7D

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Netflix / Via Twitter: @felinemusings

5. Polish TV series are getting noticed in the US.


Very good Polish thrillers are suddenly all over the place. The Thaw on HBO Max and Hold Tight on Netflix. Thoroughly enjoyed both series. Tightly paced, well-acted,and engrossing from start to finish. They make me want to watch other Polish television series.

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Twitter: @PMDMKE

6. A treat for the fans of Harlan Coben books.

ray ia era @inukokootp

im watching this new netflix show hold tight bcs i read the book and?? men are annoying yk what

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Twitter: @inukokootp

7. The first episode sets the tone for what’s about to follow.

hunh? @ashyrue

Yeo I just started this show Hold Tight on Netflix & the way the first episode ends… bruh this is finna be a wild ride.

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Twitter: @ashyrue

8. Book fans are happy that the show is faithful to the book.

Heather Lea 🏳️‍🌈🐴 @vetmed11

In the middle of Harlan Coben’s Hold Tight on Netflix & it’s always interesting to see how the shows follow the books.

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Twitter: @vetmed11

9. Indirect benefit of watching a Polish series: You pick up some Polish.

Harley #BackBoris #BackUkraine @Harley_Tory

I’ve been watching a Polish crime drama called HOLD TIGHT on Netflix with subtitles & now i can say yes in Polish. 😊 Tac actually I’ve learnt quite a lot of Polish watching it.I’m enjoying it anyway..So dobranoc.

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Twitter: @Harley_Tory

10. Well, you can’t please everybody.

Van 🐀 @agoodbyenote

Trying to watch this Netflix show Hold Tight but holy shit the soundtrack is awful 🥴

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Twitter: @agoodbyenote

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