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Kendall Jenner’s Timeline In “The Kardashians” Doesn’t Add Up And It’s Seemingly Because They Don’t Want To Mention The Astroworld Tragedy
“The Kardashians” appears to have forged a completely different timeline for Kendall Jenner in its bid to gloss over Astroworld.

Kendall Jenner’s Timeline In “The Kardashians” Doesn’t Add Up And It’s Seemingly Because They Don’t Want To Mention The Astroworld Tragedy

On Nov. 5, 2021, 10 people were killed following a deadly crowd surge at Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival.


Both events occurred on the same evening, with the Kardashians posting videos from the party to their Instagram accounts at the time.

Instagram: @https://www.instagram.com/khloekardashian/?hl=en

Kris’s birthday was a key storyline in this week’s episode of the family’s new reality show, The Kardashians, with Kris under pressure to invite her daughter Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend, Scott Disick, to the party despite her recent engagement to Travis Barker.


The awkwardness from inside the party was also caught on camera, with Scott visibly uncomfortable with Kourtney and Travis’s PDA. Ellen DeGeneres and her wife, Portia de Rossi, were also among the guests at Kris’s birthday.


But, of course, Kendall and Kylie were notably absent that evening, and viewers were horrified by the way that the show handled the reason why.


Not only was the festival completely ignored, a storyline involving Kendall was seemingly faked to avoid mentioning Astroworld.


While Kris was preparing for her birthday party, Kendall and her friend Hailey Bieber were seen on vacation in Miami.


Later, it was heavily suggested that Kendall missed the party because she was in Miami, with the star calling her mom on camera for a debrief of the event.


“I love these little trips that we do, I’m just sad that I’m missing my mom’s birthday,” Kendall said in a Miami scene that immediately followed Kris’s party.


“I’ll be back to give her a nice birthday hug in a couple of days,” Kendall added.


On the phone to Kris, she said, “I was just calling to see how your birthday was,” before expressing shock to learn that Scott had attended.


While Kendall didn’t explicitly say that she was in Miami for her mom’s birthday, it was very much implied — despite it being known that she was at Astroworld that night.

Twitter: @KeJennerNews

In fact, there is no evidence of Kendall being in Miami before Nov. 12, when she was photographed by the paparazzi. This is almost an entire week after Kris’s party, and she undoubtedly would have heard about Scott attending by then.

Mega / GC Images

Understandably, viewers were shocked by the way that The Kardashians had completely glossed over Astroworld despite the family being heavily associated with the tragedy.

Alex Bierens De Haan / Getty Images

And the fact that the episode seemingly forged a completely different timeline for Kendall was all the more insulting to people watching at home.


“#TheKardashians really faked the Kendall in Miami during Kris’ birthday plot… bc Kendall was in Houston w Kylie at the Astroworld travesty…” one person tweeted. “Like they say…the devil works hard but Kris Jenner works harder.”


BuzzFeed News has contacted a representative for The Kardashians for comment.

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Despite the skewed timeline in the show, Kendall did acknowledge the tragedy at the time and posted a statement to her Instagram story on Nov. 8, which read: “I’m still at a loss for words over the news from Astroworld. I’m truly broken for the families that have lost loved ones and my prayers go out to everyone involved.”

Instagram: @kendalljenner

“Sending everyone who has been affected all of my love and wishing them strength during this incredibly devastating and sensitive time,” she added.

Rick Kern / Getty Images

In December, he appeared to suggest that he was being unfairly blamed for the tragedy in his first sit-down interview, claiming that the media “want to put it on [him].”


He has denied legal responsibility for the deaths and injuries and prompted backlash when he partnered with BetterHelp to offer one month of free therapy to people affected by the festival.

Bertrand Rindoff Petroff / Getty Images

In February, Travis was accused of having “no remorse” when he liked Kanye West’s Instagram post demanding that Billie Eilish apologize to Travis after she was filmed helping a fan who was struggling to breathe at her show.

Rick Kern / Getty Images

However, less than a month later, the rapper unveiled a new project he’d been working on to “make all events the safest spaces they can possibly be” as he insisted that he “will always honor the victims of the Astroworld tragedy.”

Carmen Mandato / Getty Images

Travis returned to the stage for his first public concert since the festival on May 9, and three days later it was revealed that he was being sued for wrongful death by a woman who alleges that she had a miscarriage because of the severe injuries she obtained at Astroworld.

Rick Kern / Getty Images

It is just the latest in a long line of filings against Travis and the festival’s organizers, with thousands of victims seeking billions of dollars in damages.

Erika Goldring / WireImage,

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