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‘Temptation Island:’ Gillian Reveals If She Did The Go Down, Showdown With Tommy!
Gillian Lieberman reveals during an IG Live if she did anything sexual with Tommy Soltis during her time on "Temptation Island."

‘Temptation Island:’ Gillian Reveals If She Did The Go Down, Showdown With Tommy!

Season four of “Temptation Island” is almost coming to an end and it has been WILD to say the least.

Viewers have seen relationships blossom between the singles and the couples, and a bit of bumpin’ and grindin’ in between the sheets.

However, there is one couple who keeps teasing viewers with their lust for one another.

Gillian Lieberman and Tommy Soltis are this season’s sweethearts, and they’ve come dangerously close to rounding out some bases, if you know what we mean.

Tommy & Gillian Are Teasing Our Emotions!


Although, in recent episodes of “Temptation Island,” Tommy has pulled back from Gillian a bit which has become a point of contention for the real estate agent.

Gillian came to “Temptation Island” with her boyfriend, Edgar De Santiago, of three years. They met in college at Ball State University, but Gillian always wondered if she should be single in her early twenties.

Edgar came to the island committed to making their relationship work despite their young age.

Their time on the island has been very eye-opening for both of them.

Things For Gillian & Edgar Do NOT Look Good


Gillian found a connection with Tommy, while Edgar found an intense connection with Marissa Rodriguez.

During Wednesday’s episode, Gillian had to watch Edgar and Marissa having sex.

Gillian was absolutely SHOOK by Edgar’s actions.

“There’s a storm coming his way, let me tell ya! This bonfire was disrespectful. I feel like everything we built was stomped on. I’m angry,” she said.

“That’s literally crazy. See, that is the other side of Edgar that is just I don’t know where that comes from,” Gillian admitted. “Reminds me of the s**t that happened like before.”

Edgar previously strayed from their relationship.


Gillian decided to livestream herself while watching the episode on Wednesday, May 11.

She was joined by Ash Lamiroult and Ashley Rodriguez, who came to “Temptation Island” with significant others.

Gillian fielded questions from fans during her IG Live.

One person asked if Tommy got to “hit it,” to which G responded, “Tommy never hit it, he can tell you as well.”

How about that steamy shower scene from earlier in the season?

Gillian admitted the make out session was HOT, but no sexual business occurred, even when her head went out of the camera’s view.

Gillian Reveals If She & Tommy Did Anything Sexual Together


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“I did not give him head,” Gillian insisted.

She explained that she isn’t comfortable being naked in front of strangers, i.e. the cameramen.

Obviously, there was a cameraman in the bathroom during their shower session filming, and Gillian said she wasn’t about to give Tommy fellatio.

The girls also admitted that they never got to see their significant other’s during their time on the Island until the final bonfire.

They never got to go to the guy’s villa which was located down by the beach whereas they were up in the mountainside.

During the IG Live, Ash, who came to the island with Hania Stocker, said the guy’s villa had cuter singles and a better villa.


She also revealed she has a podcast in the works, but the name is still in the works.

Gillian, Ash and Ashley spoke about doing a “Temptation Island: Party with the Girls” retreat for women who are having relationship problems and looking for clarity.

“Temptation Island” airs every Wednesday on USA Network at 10 PM ET / 7 PM PT.

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