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‘LPBW’ Star Tori Roloff Declares She’s ‘A Cool Mom’ In THIS Fun Video
When it comes to doting on your kids, Tori Roloff ranks way at the top of the list with birthdays, milestones and even little playtime events.

‘LPBW’ Star Tori Roloff Declares She’s ‘A Cool Mom’ In THIS Fun Video

Tori Roloff is showing off her dance moves!

The TV personality is known for starring in the hit reality series “Little People, Big World” alongside her husband of seven years Zach Roloff and their extended family.   

The mother-of-three, who is also fond of sharing fun moments with her kids to the delight of her fans, took her Instagram story recently to share a heartwarming video. 

Tori Roloff Enjoys A Dance Off With Her Son

When it comes to doting on your kids, Tori ranks way at the top of the list. From birthdays to milestones and even little playtime events, the reality star does not miss any sweet moments with her lovely fans. The 31-year-old blessed her fans again with a fun video she shared with her son Jackson Roloff.

In the new clip, the mother-son duo were seen dancing enthusiastically to The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights.” Tori seemed to be holding the recording device up as the pair happily made up their choreography.

While Tori spotted a black shirt and white bum shorts that were finished with sunglasses, her son had on blue shorts and a white shirt. The teacher wrote a caption that read, “I’m not a regular mom: I’m a cool mom. Not.”

Although the “LPBW” star might enjoy balancing her home and work life daily, however, she wanted fans to know that she is prone to some bad days herself. Last month, The Blast shared that the mother-of-three opened up to her fans in a now-expired Instagram story on how that particular day was a little more than rough for her. 

The 31-year-old went into details in the two posts she shared about how she hates when the day starts great, adding that after going to the gym and for coffee, she ended up feeling “overstimulated all day long.” She disclosed to her fans that she did not feel like she spent ample quality time with her family, adding that her first son Jackson made “a red choice (honestly a rare occasion for him),” which made him miss the opportunity to spend time with his dad.

Instagram | Tori Roloff

The star’s ordeals included being sure that their dishwater was broken, among other things. Concluding, she assured equally busy mums that it was customary to get overstimulated and touched out and hoped that her honesty would let them know they were not alone in the experience.  

Tori Roloff Fawns Over Third Child Josiah: “I Love This Kid.”

In August, The Blast shared details about one of Tori’s doting moments for her third child Josiah Luke. The photographer shared pictures of her growing baby on Instagram to the delight of her almost two million followers. The post, which contains three slides, showcased the cute baby in all his chubby glory. In the first picture, dressed in a cozy black onesie, he had a big smile on his face with his tongue out while winking at the camera. 

The second image showed the three-month-old with wide open eyes and his hands balled into a tiny fist while smiling widely. The third picture had the baby attempting to form his mouth into a cute pout. The excited mum started the caption effusively gushing over her son, saying she loved how much he had begun interacting with his siblings. She added that she enjoys every stage with him, believing he completes the family. 

The reality tv star ended the caption by saying, “We all are so spoiled by his love,” acknowledging that she was obsessed with watching her two older kids, Liliah Ray and Jackson Kyle, with him.

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