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Young Sheldon Resolves One Of Its Oldest Big Bang Theory Plot Holes
Young Sheldon season 5's penultimate episode finally resolves one of the oldest The Big Bang Theory plot holes regarding Sheldon's childhood.

Young Sheldon Resolves One Of Its Oldest Big Bang Theory Plot Holes

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Young Sheldon season 5.

One of Young Sheldon‘s oldest The Big Bang Theory plot holes has just been resolved by Young Sheldon season 5’s penultimate episode. The CBS sitcom has been focused on Georgie’s (Montana Jordan) predicament as a young expecting father with his situation impacting his family in various ways. That includes Sheldon (Iain Armitage) in a subtle but significant way. 

Since The Big Bang Theory ended in 2019 after 12 seasons, Young Sheldon has been standing on its own as a CBS comedy. Instead of a straight-up sitcom like its parent series, however, it has slowly transformed into a family dramedy, with Young Sheldon‘s focus shifting onto the Coopers as a whole. Still, Sheldon remains an integral part of its storytelling as his future already fully played out in The Big Bang Theory for more than a decade. Considering that there are certain details that were revealed in The Big Bang Theory about his childhood, those events are now bound to happen in the prequel series.

With Young Sheldon‘s lax approach to continuity, however, several plot holes in regard to the original show have been created throughout its run. Luckily, Young Sheldon season 5’s penultimate episode finally explained why Sheldon (Jim Parsons) had an aversion to constant bickering and fighting around him in the original show. In The Big Bang Theory episode “The Guitarist Amplification,” Sheldon got upset at Penny (Kaley Cuoco) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki), who were arguing about her ex-boyfriend coming over and staying at her place. Sheldon recalled how his friends’ arguments reminded him of George and Mary’s regular fights when he was still living in Texas. The problem with his explanation was that, while the Cooper parents have had conflicts in Young Sheldon, they didn’t really fully impact Sheldon–until Young Sheldon season 5, episode 21, “White Trash, Holy Rollers and Punching People.” George and Mary’s fights have now become so frequent that Sheldon can no longer focus on his academics. 

Unfortunately, it seems like the fights between Sheldon’s parents will not only continue but also get worse moving forward. Based on The Big Bang Theory timeline, George’s cheating and death in Young Sheldon are just a couple of years away. Assuming that CBS doesn’t stretch out its storytelling, it means that both tragedies will happen in season 6 and season 7. Luckily, the CBS comedy already has those guaranteed after the network awarded Young Sheldon a three-year renewal after season 4. With a limited time to execute George’s inevitable affair and death in Young Sheldon, the prequel needs to start setting up his inevitable end sooner rather than later. Georgie’s current predicament has forced the Cooper parents to revisit their marriage and the involvement of Pastor Rob (Dan Byrd) is further complicating things for the couple. Given that, expect that Mary and George’s relationship will continue to make a downward turn moving forward. 

As for Sheldon, the deteriorating marriage of his parents may also force his transition to the colder version seen in The Big Bang Theory. Whether or not Young Sheldon will run beyond season 7 and close the gap between it and its parent series is still unknown at this point. But, like Paige (McKenna Grace), the breakdown of his family could ultimately cause a change in his behavior from a relatively sweet boy to a rude and indifferent adult. 

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