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G Flip Dishes On Their Connection With Chrishell Stause!
G Flip, non-binary Australian musician and Chrishell Stause's new partner, revealed the pair have discussed starting a family together!

G Flip Dishes On Their Connection With Chrishell Stause!

Chrishell Stause’s romance with G Flip has gotten plenty of press since the pair went public, and their relationship has been the target of many-an-unsolicited opinion from spectators.

But, don’t count on either of these love birds to start paying attention to the naysayers.

They can’t hear anyone over the blaring sense of connection which has been a component of their relationship since the beginning!

We know Stause gently revealed news of their relationship during the “Selling Sunset” reunion episode which dropped a few weeks ago, but now G Flip is now inspiring all of us to send heart emojis to our crush by revealing the component that drew the pair together.

How Did The Pair First Meet?


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Stause and G Flip, of course, have not been public with their relationship for very long, but the pair actually go back further than many of us realize!

G Flip appeared on People Magazine’s “PEOPLE EVERY DAY” podcast on Friday, where they shared they have known Stause since October of last year.

In fact, they met on Halloween night!

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together!


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Those self-proclaimed celeb culture experts who enjoy following timelines will likely be aware Stause was not a single gal at the time.

“We were both with our ex-partners then,” G Flip recalled, “And then we obviously separated from our partners, and we just started talking and stuff.”

It didn’t take long for Stause and G Flip to discover the magnetic reason drawing them together.

“We just found a lot of similarities, even though people would think we were from like different corners of the world,” they continued. “We find ourselves so similar at times.”

Figuring Out Their Future: What About Kiddos?


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One important aspect the duo have similar outlooks on?

They are both on board with starting a family!

The highly-publicized reason for Stause’s break-up with her former partner, “Selling Sunset’s” Jason Oppenheim, had to do with the fact the couple couldn’t reach a mutual agreement on having children.

Oppenheim was never completely ready for the commitment to parenthood, especially not to the same degree as Stause’s desire to be a mom.

“She’s a dream,” Oppenheim had said in conversation with Mary Fitzgerald, his former girlfriend and current “Selling Sunset” co-star. “I think the most that I thought about it, I went in the other direction. I just felt like this is not the time in my life where I want to have a family.” (via Daily Mail).

G Flip, however, is willing to take the leap with Stause, and has been completely sure from the get-go.

“I definitely see children in my future,” they revealed later in their podcast interview.

“Right now me and Chrishell know where we are in the stages of our lives. And we’re very transparent about that. I love children. I was a music teacher for years before I became a session drummer and then a solo artist.” (via Us Weekly).

They were definitely upfront when discussing the subject with Stause.

They recalled what was said during the conversation with Stause, revealing “So I was like, ‘I’ve always loved kids, and yeah, definitely one day that’ll be in the future.”

However the future looks, we’re excited to see Chrishell Stause have the chance to make her dreams come true!

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