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Khloe Kardashian Gushes Over Tristan Thompson Reconciliation: ‘If Only You Knew’
Khloe Kardashian reveals she and Tristan Thompson got back together last year before the infamous paternity scandal.

The fourth episode of “The Kardashians” on Hulu dropped on Thursday, May 5.

Fans got a behind the scenes look at Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian’s engagement.

While that was all fine and beautiful, Khloe Kardashian dropped a major truth bomb.

Khloe Reveals Major Relationship News In ‘Kardashian’ Episode


Tristan flew into California ahead of Kravis’ engagement and surprised Khloe and their daughter, True Thompson.

“There’s been a lot of effort on his part,” Khloe admitted. “It’s so fun when Tristan is here, he’s a great father. True has her routines and she loves doing it with both her parents here.”

As previously mentioned, Khloe broke up with Tristan after his umpteenth cheating scandal made its way to headlines in April 2021 when Instagram influencer, Sydney Chase, revealed on the “No Jumper” podcast that she and the NBA player hooked up in January of that year.

Sydney Chase Hooked Up With Tristan While He Was With Khloe

Tristan clearly has some kind of hold on Koko, because he got a millionth chance with his baby mama.

“When we broke up, I learned how well him and I got along and what good friends we are and what good partners we are. And I have a lot of hope and faith and optimism for our future,” Khloe said in the episode.

In hindsight, Khloe is very embarrassed about her comments on the show.

Koko was live tweeting when the episode dropped and poked fun at herself.

She tweeted, “Well we know how this aged #TheKardashians” and she topped it off with an eye-rolling emoji.

Twitter / Khloe Kardashian

Later in the episode, Kim Kardashian and Khloe are taking a hike and talking about their respective relationships.

“I’ve been through so much with Tristan… The truth is that we are always working on ourselves, we are going to therapy, and listen even baby steps are steps,” Khloe said.

Oh the foreshadowing in the “baby steps” statement is so eerie!

Tristan Took The Statement “Baby Steps” A Little Too Literally

She continued, “I’m just hoping for a little progress every day.”

Well, that progress was sidetracked with another woman in March 2021.


Tristan had sex with yet another woman that was not Khloe during their exclusive relationship, her name is Maralee Nichols.

While celebrating his 30th birthday, the two had sex multiple times and she got pregnant with his third child.

Not one to shy away from the irony of it all, Khloe then tweeted, “Watching these episodes now I definitely feel a type of way #TheKardashians, oh girl if only you knew… (Me talking to me).

If Only Khloe Knew What Was To Come From Tristan

Twitter / Khloe Kardashian

Nichols revealed in November 2021 that she was expecting her first child with Tristan and sued him.

The paternity scandal definitely rocked EVERYONE’s world.

Despite denying the child was his multiple times, a paternity test revealed that he was in fact the father.

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