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Kamala Harris’ Stepdaughter Ella Emhoff Flaunted Daring Looks At NYFW
Ella Emhoff, stepdaughter of U.S Vice president Kamala Harris, has been making waves on the NYFW runway due to her daring and risqué looks...

Kamala Harris’ Stepdaughter Ella Emhoff Flaunted Daring Looks At NYFW

The New York Fashion Week has delivered the best of innovative designs and odd combinations of outfits on the models strutting the runway.

One such odd clothing was donned by Ella Emhoff, stepdaughter of U.S Vice president Kamala Harris. She had previously made headlines for having a fashion mishap some days ago at the NYFW.

This time, the model gathered buzz for donning body-hugging clothing for Maisie Wilen’s Spring/Summer 2023 design, which covered her head to toe and was accessorized with a high black platform.

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Ella Emhoff’s Outfit Garnered Attention

Model Emhoff attracted a lot of attention from spectators when she emerged on the runway on Tuesday wearing an unusual dress designed by Wilen. The 23-year-old, who is contracted to the IMG modeling agency, donned a balaclava dress with an overwhelming green theme for its material.

Instagram/Maisie Wilen

The said outfit covered every part of the model’s body apart from her glowing face. However, it was tightly wrapped around the upper part of the petite figure, from her buttocks upward, while the lower part was free-flowing, seemingly to give her the ease of strutting on the runway.

Her attire also included gloves, stockings, and a headdress of the same color, all of which had black and white circles that resembled warning labels haphazardly positioned at various locations on their surfaces.

Emhoff matched the ensemble with Harry Potteresque glasses that complemented her stunning face. In addition, she wore black platform heels that added more height to her imposing 5 feet 8 inches figure.

The Bizzare Design Explained

Emhoff’s outfit, birthed by Willen’s ingenious fashion idea, featured a new take at combining CGI and special effects techniques in filmmaking with fashion designs. A release from Gotham, per New York Post, further explained the concept behind the fashion designers’ unusual approach.

“Maisie Wilen has always been digital-first, so innovation within tech is a natural progression of the brand,” the publication read. “The Spring/Summer 2023 features motion-capture markers applied directly to the garments via print. These small symbols and dots, typically used in filmmaking by special-effects artists, allows the digital process to proceed beyond the development phase and evolve infinitely.”

It continued: “Prints also feature lens flares and exaggerated manipulated faces, representing the surreal, vividly distorted products of the methods referenced. The runway show’s greenscreen set enables further distortion while mimicking the environment of its movie-making inspiration.”

Ella Emhoff Made Headlines For Her Chest Baring Look

Emhoff made waves over the weekend for dressing in stark contrast to her ensemble for Wilen. The model was dressed in a sheer green scarf top that revealed her whole midriff. It also exposed one of her breasts to the full view of the crowd, maybe as a result of a fashion faux pas.

Ella Emhoff – the stepdaughter of Kamala Harris – suffered a nip slip while walking the runway during the S/S 2022 Prabal Gurung fashion show during New York Fashion Week pic.twitter.com/jeiaCuVo7n

— Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) September 12, 2022

The scarf was tied in a knot and looped around the model’s neck in a halter style before abruptly parting to fall across her chest. She completed the outfit with a black leather miniskirt atop, black strappy heels, and matching long gloves.

Emhoff’s eyebrows were expertly sculpted to arch, and her hair was sleeked back with a center parting. The famous tattoos of Ella Emhoff, including three on each leg and one on her arm, were also on display as she strutted across the runway.

She Recently Received A Fashion Honor

Though Emhoff became known professionally in the modeling world just last year, the 23-year-old is slowly making a name for herself and was recently honored at the 2022 Harper’s Bazaar Icons & Bloomingdale’s 150th Anniversary party for her impact in the world of art within such a short time.

Instagram/Ella Emhoff

“It’s kind of shocking,” the model said, per People. “This is an incredible honor and as someone who doesn’t really think of herself like that it’s nice reassurance. And makes me check myself and the way I perceive myself, so exciting.”

The Parsons School of Design grad also shared at the event that she still gets nervous when she is about to walk the runway.

She said, “It’s the moment right before you go on where you kind of blackout and then your stomach is all butterfly-y and your palms get sweaty — and after you’re done, it feels it’s the greatest feeling ever.”


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