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Tom Cruise Jokes About James Corden’s Departure From ‘The Late Late Show’
Tom Cruise is ready to give James Corden whatever he wants as he recently teased about the host's exit from "The Late Late Show."

Tom Cruise is ready to give James Corden whatever he wants!

The Hollywood veteran, who is one of the highest-grossing box office stars in entertainment history, recently made a special appearance on “The Late Late Show.”

This marked one of Corden’s last gigs before his imminent departure in 2023, and the 59-year-old actor could not help but tease the show’s host about it.

Tom Cruise Pokes Fun At James Corden For Getting ‘Fired’ From ‘The Late Late Show’

Taking to his official Twitter page, the beloved British TV host shared a snippet from Tuesday’s episode of “The Late Late Show,” where Cruise joined him for a comedy sketch.

Hosting the show in a dapper purple suit, the 43-year-old entertainer announced the presence of the “Mission: Impossible” star to the audience by emphasizing what an honor it was to have the legendary actor on the show.


The camera switched to show the father-of-three in his dressing room, rocking an all-black casual ensemble with a collared shirt and trousers.

As the crowd welcomed the “Jack Reacher” star with hearty cheers, he thanked the Tony Award winner for inviting him on the show before dropping a surprising bombshell.

“James! It’s such a privilege to be here, and I’m sorry about the news,” Cruise said in mock sympathy, “I’m sorry you got fired.”

Like the professional he is, the “Gavin and Stacey” actor played along by appearing lost for words as the older entertainer consoled him for losing his job.

Before the CBS host could correct his guest’s hilarious mistake, the “War Of The Worlds” star added that he would never have fired the TV presenter.

In support of his soon-to-be jobless friend, the 59-year-old declared that he would be responsible for whatever Corden needed. This offer seemed appealing to the Londoner as he happily asked for some money.

Once again, the Golden Globe Award winner confirmed he would give the “Cats” star “anything” he wanted. The sketch ended with more applause from the audience. 

Underneath this heartwarming video, fans left several comments, with many singing the praises of both entertainers for the comedy gig while others could not help but note Cruise’s ageless beauty.

Corden Set To Leave ‘The Late Late Show’ Next Year

Jokes aside, the countdown to Corden’s departure from the beloved talk show has officially started, as reported by The Blast.

The father-of-three would be saying his final goodbyes before the summer of 2023, marking eight and a half years since the “Peter Rabbit” voice actor began his CBS hosting duties.


Surprisingly, Corden’s rise to fame in the US began on “The Late Late Show” after taking the reins from the former host Craig Ferguson in 2014.

Before his debut, the Glamour Man of the Year award winner was only famous in the UK for co-writing and starring in the BBC sitcom “Gavin & Stacey.”

However, Corden’s charming personality and comedic gifts made him an award-winning host, especially by bringing new segments to the talk show like the famous “Carpool Karaoke.”

As for why he wanted to step down from the pedestal, the “Into The Woods” star confessed that his departure was a difficult decision to make, but the plan had always been to leave.

According to the TV personality, he initially planned on hosting the show for five years before leaving, but he kept pushing his departure date.

Now, the Primetime Emmy Award winner has about 200 more episodes tying him to “The Late Late Show” before his official departure in 2023.

The Hollywood Veteran Returns As Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell In ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

As previously shared by The Blast, Cruise would be returning to the big screen in the sequel to his 1986 hit movie “Top Gun.”

Don’t worry James, @TomCruise is here for you ❤️ pic.twitter.com/rawtMj0Qzm

— The Late Late Show with James Corden (@latelateshow) May 4, 2022

The “Interview with the Vampire” star reprised his role as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in “Top Gun: Maverick,” alongside his co-star Val Kilmer.

Filming for the highly-anticipated sequel initially began in 2018, but the pandemic delayed the movie’s production until 2022, with the official teaser dropping earlier this year.

Unlike his character as a novice pilot receiving training under the US Navy, Pete Mitchell, as shown in the trailer, has grown into a military veteran.

The sequel revolves around the Syracuse native responding to a request from Iceman (Kilmer’s character) to shape their academy’s greenhorns into worthy soldiers.

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