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Todd Chrisley Insists ‘God Is Working Overtime’ To Grant Him Victory In Court Case
Todd Chrisley maintains that he and his wife Julie Chrisley are innocent of all the charges they've been found guilty for...

Todd Chrisley Insists ‘God Is Working Overtime’ To Grant Him Victory In Court Case

Reality star and tv personality Todd Chrisley maintains that he and his wife Julie Chrisley are innocent of all the charges they’ve been found guilty for. The reality star spoke about their legal battles during the latest episode of the “Chrisley Confessions” podcast and blamed Mark Braddock for all the crimes.

Todd claimed that Braddock had admitted on the witness stand to wanting revenge against the Chrisleys for firing him and said he’d also made false allegations about the two men having an affair. Todd also said these allegations hadn’t affected the family but triggered speculation and suspicion.

The Chrisley family patriarch also insisted during the episode that the truth will “eventually rise to the top” and prove that he and his wife and innocent. The couple’s sentencing has been postponed due to a lawsuit claiming that one of the witnesses lied.

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Todd Chrisley Blames Mark Braddock For The Crimes


During the most recent episode of the “Chrisley Confessions podcast,” (via People) Todd and his wife Julie spoke about the charges against them and reiterated their innocence. Todd also blamed their former business partner Matt Braddock for the charges, saying Braddock had admitted to just wanting revenge for being fired.

He said, “Our attorney literally said, ‘You created fake emails under Todd Chrisley’s name. You sent fake emails out to their insurance carriers to people they were doing business with, two people in the real estate world that Mr. Chrisley does business with,’ and you lied on me. What you said was a lie. Is that not true?”

The reality star shared that Braddock had replied positively to all their lawyer’s questions and said his actions were motivated by a desire for vengeance. The couple had fired Braddock in 2012, and he eventually turned them into the FBI and exposed their crimes.

Todd Chrisley Believes Mark Braddock Wants Them To Suffer

Todd also claimed that Braddock had lied about the affair allegations just to see him and his family suffer. He said, “This is the same person that claimed that he had a sexual relationship with me, and that I didn’t want to do it anymore.”


Todd continued, “That was the only honest thing that he’d said. He’s never touched me. Never knew the man was, I guess, gay or bisexual, whatever he is. Who knows what he is because you can’t believe anything that he’s saying.”

The reality star then explained that the affair allegations didn’t hurt his family directly but had generated suspicion and speculation “from educated people that know better” than to believe the alleged lies.

He Says The Truth Will Prevail

As Todd spoke, he also insisted that they wouldn’t stop until the truth came out about the charges and alleged crimes. He spoke about those who believe in the lies and said, “I have learned to pray for those that have been misled, to pray for those that had been led by false prophets and to basically do what you said, you strip them down.”


Todd continued, “I know that the truth will eventually rise to the top and I know that we will have survived the lies because God has put that in my spirit. I’m filled with the Holy Spirit. I know and I have a peace that God is working overtime. Satan will never outwork God.”

According to a report by People in June, the couple were both found guilty of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, to defraud the United States, and tax fraud. Additionally, the court convicted Julie of wire fraud. During the trial, Assistant US Attorney Annalise Peters claimed that Todd and Julie had continued with their fraudulent activities even after they fired Braddock.

The Couple’s Sentencing Has Been Postponed

After their conviction in June, Todd and Julie were scheduled for sentencing on October 6th, but the date has now been postponed. The court moved their sentencing to November 21st after their lawyer filed a suit claiming that one of the key witnesses lied on the stand during the trial.

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According to court documents obtained by People, the suit claims that “the government presented and failed to correct false testimony from IRS Revenue Officer Betty Carter, who lied about the Chrisleys owing taxes or years when she knew no taxes were due.” In August, Todd and Julie also filed a joint motion for a new trial.

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