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Sami Sheen Takes An Outdoor Shower In A Thong Bikini
On Friday night, model Sami Sheen shared snaps of her taking an outdoor shower in an itty bitty thong bikini.

Sami Sheen Takes An Outdoor Shower In A Thong Bikini

Model Sami Sheen is not holding anything back in a few snaps she shared with her Instagram followers on Friday night.

The 18-year-old daughter of “Two and a Half Men” actor Charlie Sheen and “Wild Things” actress Denise Richards took to social media to share two photos of her taking a shower in a cheeky thong bikini.

Sami Sheen Flaunts Sunned Buns In A Cheeky Thong Bikini

Instagram | Sami Sheen

In her latest Instagram post, the new OnlyFans model shared a few snaps of her getting soaked as she stands under the head of an outdoor shower. The droplets of water can be seen sticking to her tanned skin as she rinses her hair out in the shower with both hands.

Her face is hidden from view by her arm as she looks up into the shower, but gives fans a view of her side profile, including several black-and-white tattoos that line her arms. For this snap, Sami is wearing a pink-and-white striped bikini top that wraps around her neck and shoulders, along with a cheeky pink thong bikini bottom. Fans can see the tan lines of her deep tan underneath the straps as she rinses off.

In the caption, Sami kept things simple, leaving nothing but a single “🎂” emoji.

Fans Are Dropping Peach Emojis All Over Sami’s Latest Instagram Snaps!

Instagram | Sami Sheen

In a second photo, Sami has her hands held out in front of her as she keeps her eyes closed. Large silver hoop earrings can be seen dangling from her ears as her long wet hair trails down her back. In this shot, fans can see some more tattoos on her arms, including a cowboy boot and a horseshoe.

Fans lit up the post with “🍑🍑🔥” emojis to show their appreciation for her sunned bum. “Just beautiful,” one fan commented. “Gorgeous,” another follower commented. “A modeling agency needs to sign U 😍 Alll your pix are Beautiful 🔥,” a third fan chimed in.

Of course, these are far from the only snaps that the 18-year-old social media sensation has posted lately. Sami recently shared a few snaps of her rolling around in the sand at the beach in another itty bitty bikini.

Sami Sheen Soaks Up The Sun… In Hawaii!

Instagram | Sami Sheen

In another recent Instagram post shared earlier this week, Sami let her fans see that she was literally soaking up the sun as she sunbathed in the sand on a beach in Maui, Hawaii. In one snap, her knee is bent at an angle in front of her as she stretches her arms out over her head and keeps her face turned up towards the sky with her eyes closed.

It looks like she is wearing the same pink-and-white striped bikini top with matching pink bikini bottoms as she wore when she was taking her outdoor shower. Sami posted a full carousel of photos in this post, captioning it, “In your dreams.”

Sami Sheen Is A ‘Goddess’ At The Beach

Instagram | Sami Sheen

In another photo, Sami is sitting on her knees in the sand as she glances over her shoulder, letting her damp blonde hair fall in front of her face as she gives fans a clear front view of her toned abs. Fans can see the volcanos of Hawaii rising up in the background of the shot, giving fans a picture-perfect view of the island’s aesthetic beauty.

Fans had nothing but praise for her sultry Instagram snaps, with one fan calling her a “Goddess 🔥💣💦” while another follower joked, “If I’m dreaming now, don’t wake me❤️😌.”

Fans Just Can’t Get Enough Of Sami Sheen!

Instagram | Sami Sheen

In another fun summer snap, Sami can be seen stretched out on her stomach in the sand, letting her blonde hair fall over one shoulder as she smoldered for the camera. She is getting soaking wet as the waves rush up from behind her, but she doesn’t seem to mind as she poses for the shot.

“Wow you look absolutely gorgeous,” one follower wrote. “So gorgeous,” another fan agreed. “So beautiful,” a third follower chimed in.

Fortunately for fans, this is far from the only sultry content that Sami has shared on her Instagram page. She also dropped jaws in her latest OnlyFans teaser, which fans can see by clicking here.

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