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Camila Cabello Believes She Has ‘Something To Offer’ Amid ‘The Voice’ Pressure
Camila Cabello is excitedly gearing up for her first-ever coaching gig on "The Voice" season 22 after being an advisor on the show

Camila Cabello Believes She Has ‘Something To Offer’ Amid ‘The Voice’ Pressure

Camila Cabello is excitedly gearing up for her first-ever coaching gig on “The Voice” season 22 after being an advisor on the show a couple of months back.  

As a first-time coach, lots of pressure naturally comes with the job, but that does not stop the Fifth Harmony alum, who believes she has “something to offer” and is ready to journey with her contestants until the end.  

Camila Cabello Says She Wants To Do Right By “The Voice” Contestants


In a recent chat with PEOPLE during the “The Voice” press visit with her fellow coaches, Cabello spoke openly about the pressures of being a new and first-time coach. But she appeared to have a few perks, given that she was a former competition show contestant and had a few years of experience in the entertainment industry.

“I do get a little bit of imposter syndrome sometimes,” the 25-year-old shared. “I do want to do right by the contestants.” She continued, “And sometimes I’m like – there’s some people that are 40, they’ve been doing this for so long, and I’m like, ‘I think you should do it like this.'”

Cabello further explained that while she has not had a “slow journey” in her ten-year career, she had gathered lots of knowledge in “a short burst of time.” She also maintained that she does have something to offer and would try to be as helpful as possible.

The brilliant Latin singer is no doubt prepared to take her contestants to the very end of the show as she revealed, “I don’t feel pressure anymore because I am killing it.” The remark triggered John Legend, a fellow coach, to butt in, singing praises about how good she is on the show. He said:

“Honestly, she took to it almost immediately, and she’s been so good on the show. Very competitive, and she’s going to be a tough one to beat.”


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Cabello may have learned a thing or two that could be helpful to contestants after being a contestant herself on “The X Factor” in 2012, that later led to the creation of the girl band Fifth Harmony. She mentioned that most of her valuable lessons from the past competition were “the psychological nerves tricks,” which she described as how contestants express their body language to produce the perfect sound.

In her words, “If you look at it this way, if you reframe it this way, if you feel your body tightening up, if you loosen your jaw, that’s going to make the note not come out as….” According to the “Bad Things” vocalist, all the learned “little tips and tricks” did not just come from the competition but her “whole 10-year vibe.”

In May, fans may recall that Cabello announced her gig as a new coach on “The Voice” and was set to perform her duties alongside Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, and Legend for the upcoming season. The Blast reported that she shared the news by dueting a TikTok that Shelton initially posted two days before. The post was captioned, “#duet this if you’re going to be a coach on #TheVoice this fall. 

The two other coaches, Stefani and Legend, had also done a similar video before the new coach, each singing a note from “Grace Kelly.” Using their official Instagram, “The Voice” confirmed the news of Cabello’s coaching duties and expressed their anticipation for the season. 

The “Bam Bam” Singer Sparks New Relationship Talk Amid Ex’s Mental Health Concerns


Around the period Cabello’s ex-boyfriend Shawn Mendes announced he would be taking some time off to prioritize his mental health, the “Havana” singer was spotted in L.A. with a possible new beau. The Blast shared that she was captured strolling with Austin Kevitch, the head of the Lox Club dating app, with their hands interlocked.

They were also seen together before then, having an intimate lunch and engaging in some PDA. Cabello neither confirmed nor denied the relationship at the time, leaving fans to keep on speculating.

Rumors about their romance came about in June, with the twosome following each other on Instagram, possibly indicating more was going on behind closed doors. In the same month, ET revealed that Kevitch asked mutual friends to set him up with the “My Oh My” singer, marking her first romance since her 2021 split from Mendes.

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