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‘Corn Kid’ Had A ‘Corn-Awesome’ Day At American Dream Mall!
Tariq, also known as "Corn Kid" spent the day at American Dream Mall enjoying roller coasters and meeting Spongebob.

‘Corn Kid’ Had A ‘Corn-Awesome’ Day At American Dream Mall!

Tariq, also known as “Corn Kid” has been enjoying a “corntastic” summer since his interview with Recess Therapy went viral. While much of his adventures involved corn in one way or another, his recent visit to Nickelodeon Universe in American Dream involved another favorite of his, that’s also yellow (we’re seeing a trend here).

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Tariq Had A “Corntastic” Day At The New Jersey Theme Park

The video starts off with Tariq seeing his picture on the wall with his now popular phrase, “Have a corntastic day,” and he’s super enthusiastic to see it.

American Dream Mall – TikTok

Tariq Was Excited To Ride Some Rides And Meet Someone Special

When asked what Tariq is most excited for while visiting Nickelodeon Universe, he responded, “I’m most excited for the rides and everything!” He was then asked if they were going to have a “corntastic day” and Tariq said, “We are gonna have a corn-awesome day!”

Tariq then got on a roller coaster and looked a bit nervous, but he handled it like a champ. After a few rides, Tariq was singing his “Corn Song” and clearly having a grand time. He was then asked, “Who’s someone you’ve always wanted to meet.” Tariq replied, “I’ve always wanted to meet Spongebob.” He was in luck! Spongebob was in the building, so he was able to cross another thing off his bucket list. When he saw Spongebob headed toward him, he let out a good scream, and then gave him a big hug.

American Dream Mall – TikTok

Tariq Met MrBeast At American Dream A Few Weeks Ago

This wasn’t Tariq’s first exciting experience at American Dream. He recently attended the grand opening of MrBeast Burger in the mall that features stores, dining, an amusement park, waterpark, ski mountain and much more. Tariq set his corn-on-the-cob down to try a burger made famous by the super popular YouTuber MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson.

@mrbeastburgershould we drop the corn borger?♬ original sound – MrBeastBurger

Keeping Up With The Adventures Of “Corn Kid”

If you’re trying to catch up on the “Corn Kid” craze, here’s a little recap. Tariq’s interview about his favorite vegetable went viral, which led him to a few more interviews. The original interview was turned into a catchy tune, that by the way, you can stream and listen to it anywhere. Tariq was named “Corn-Bassador” of South Dakota and had the opportunity to visit their popular Corn Palace. Drew Barrymore had Tariq on “The Drew Barrymore Show” as a guest and enjoyed tasting different corn flavored things, as well as some other vegetables. (Spoiler alert! Tariq still puts corn in the number one spot.) “Corn Kid” got to meet MrBeast and try one of his burgers, and also spent a corn-awesome day enjoying Nickelodeon Universe. One of his latest adventures was visiting the Empire State Building with the host of Recess Therapy. And now with Tariq having his own TikTok page, his fans can keep up with all his “corntastic” and “corn-awesome” adventures.

@kornboyofficialHe was a bit scary but I hope he liked his snacks 😨♬ original sound – Tariq (Korn Boy)


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