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Lil Nas X Crushes On ‘Really Hot’ ‘Homophobe’ Protesting Outside Boston Concert
Lil Nas X recently killed homophobes protesting outside his concert with kindness by offering them some tasty treats...

Lil Nas X Crushes On ‘Really Hot’ ‘Homophobe’ Protesting Outside Boston Concert

Rapper Lil Nas X has turned the other cheek to his haters.

The “Old Town Road” rapper, who is currently on tour, performed on Sunday night in Boston; however, while fans were inside enjoying the show, a group of individuals was outside protesting against the concert.

The musician has drawn the wrath of several religious organizations for the nature of his music and videos, as well as for his portrayal of the devil in the provocative music video for his 2021 hit song “Montero (Call Me By Your Name).”

Following the concert, Lil Nas X revealed in a TikTok video and on Twitter that he had bought pizza for the protesters who were chanting and carrying signs outside his concert venue.

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‘We Brought Them Pizza’

In a recent TikTok video, Lil Nas X disclosed his humane approach to dealing with people protesting at his concert in Boston, Mass. The rapper, who is no stranger to being criticized, responded to the protesters outside by bringing them pizzas.


♬ star walkin out now – lil nas x

“So people were protesting my concert last night,” the Montero” rapper wrote in a graphic text across the TikTok video, adding, “So we brought them pizza.”

True to his word, the clip Lil Nas X uploaded on his page captured his entourage attempting to give out several pizza boxes to the protesters, who unsurprisingly refused to accept the meal offering.

Written on the placards of the chanting crowd were several religious quotes such as, “Jesus is God, even demons know it” and “Repent and Believe the Gospel,” seemingly condemning the singer and his fans who attended the concert.

The post has since garnered over a million views and thousands of likes since the rapper shared it on his TikTok page.

Lil Nas X Crushed On One Of The ‘Hot’ Homophobic Protesters

Despite the seriousness of the ordeal, Lil Nas X still found a way to make it humorous, sharing halfway through the video that one of the male homophobes was quite good-looking.

TikTok/Lil Nas X

After the footage panned towards the guy, it switched back to Lil Nas X, who placed his hands over his mouth in appreciation of his handsomeness. “But sadly, one of the homophobes was really hot,” a graphic text the rapper wrote read across the screen, while a sound bite from “Mystery of Love” by Sufjan Stevens began to play in the background.

The Grammy award winner later shared the same clip on his Twitter page, humorously noting that he “accidentally fell in love with one of the homophobic protestors,” who had earlier rejected the pizzas his team had offered them.

Twitter Has Thoughts On Lil Nas X’s Newfound Crush

In the comment section of his Twitter post, fans of the artist slammed the protesting crowds and made fun of their refusal to collect the pizza by posting different memes.


One fan wrote, “Homophobia is all well and good until it stops you from getting pizza.” Another fan penned, “He really wanted that pizza, but God sees all.”

Another follower shared that protesting was a norm in the street of Boston and that the rapper should not be bothered about it.

The fan wrote, “Don’t take it personally. They protest EVERYTHING in this city. “Good Christian” protestors will hang out on every major Boston street handing out pamphlets and screaming in your face.”

Other fans also joked about the rapper’s connection with the handsome protester in the video. One fan mentioned, “Maybe if you threw in some tiramisu, you could change his mind? I’m rooting for your love, King.

Lil Nas X Faced Past Controversy

Since becoming a well-regarded rapper, Lil Nas X has faced criticism for his music’s content, which some have called demonic. The outcry from the naysayers increased further following the release of his racy music video for his 2021 hit song “Montero (Call Me By Your Name).”


The “Old Town Road” crooner also came under greater fire from conservative groups and organizations when he launched a limited handful of “Satan Shoes,” each of which was said to contain a drop of human blood.

Lil Nas X is currently performing in his first round of musical engagements as part of his “Long Live Montero” tour. Following his Boston concert, the rapper is slated to perform at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall on Tuesday.

His next stops include Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Nashville, Orlando, Miami, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and San Francisco, before heading to Europe for the tour’s final leg, which will culminate on November 17 in Barcelona, Spain.


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