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Meghan King Talks Relationships And Her Own Sexuality ‘Spectrum’
Meghan King said she's done with her relationships going public and also that she "must be somewhere on the gay spectrum."

Meghan King Talks Relationships And Her Own Sexuality ‘Spectrum’

Meghan King is done with everyone knowing her relationship business. The “Real Housewives of Orange County” alum doesn’t want her romantic relationships to determine how others see her anymore. On a recent visit to the “The Tamron Hall Show,” the 37-year-old mom of three said, “I’m done putting relationships on social media. I don’t want to be defined by them.”


King Is Keeping Her Relationships Off Social Media

She continued by saying, “You Google my name and you see all these relationships, I’m done with that. I think, most of the time when I date, my life intimidates people.” When asked if she is currently dating, King said she was, but also said she’s not going into detail about it. “That’s why I’m doing the podcast, to talk about it. But no names will be named,” she said. King just relaunched her podcast, “Intimate Knowledge” after more than a year long hiatus.

The reality star divorced former baseball player Jim Edmonds after five years of marriage in October 2019. The two finalized their divorce in May 2021, and shortly after, she married Cuffe Biden Owens in October 2021. The short marriage ended up being annulled the following July.

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King Talks Dating And Relationships On Her Podcast

On this week’s podcast with guest Nev Schulman of “Catfish,” the two started their dating conversation off by confessing that they’ve gone on a date years ago but there wasn’t a spark. The discussion then switched to open relationships and ethical non-monogamy, and King said that her traditional upbringing may have determined her current dating life.

“It’s interesting because the way that I grew up was very traditional – all the way through I went to Catholic school,” she told Schulman. “But I’ve hooked up with women and I’m not a lesbian, I must be somewhere on the gay spectrum. I mean we all are, everyone is.” She continued explaining exactly what she means by saying, “I have had fun experiences, but I don’t look at women and think of them sexually. But, like, I can be in the moment – but like it’s just a moment, it’s a passing moment. I think it’s a fun thing or something, it’s not I’m interested in this for life, for monogamy. Like I can’t even image that with another woman.”

King Shares Her Single Mom Life On Instagram

King is mom to three young children – twin son Hayes and Hart, 5, and daughter Aspen, 3, with ex-husband Edmonds. She often posts about her children and her mom life on social media. King posted a photo on Instagram of her with her kids earlier this summer captioned, “Outnumbered all day everyday and getting easier too!”

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King Posted A First Day Of School Video And Story

She also posted a first day of school video captioned with a cute story about her boys and a life lesson.

“I have to give the biggest shoutout to my sweet boy, Hayes. Today was his first day of school so yesterday I asked which backpack he’d like: sharks or checked. He said ‘Mommy I really love the shark one! But let me see the other one please.’ As he’s looking at the checked one Hart says, ‘I want the shark one!’ And I asked, ‘Hayes which one would you like?’ And he kinda sulks then quickly perks up and says, ‘The other one.’ He said that because he didn’t want to cause a fuss. Then I snuck up behind him and whispered in his ear this morning, ‘You know what? I think that’s a super cool backpack.’ Hayes’s face lit up as he exclaimed, ‘Really, Mom?!!’ This melts my heart right down into a puddle but also makes me wonder if this is healthy? Should I let Hayes concede his wishes more than a normal 4 year old just because he understands his brother can’t process disappointment as emotionally regulated as Hayes can? Or is this an early – but good – life lesson? Am I teaching him to repress his desires if I don’t speak up sometimes? (This parenting thing is for the birds.)


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