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Gymnast Olivia Dunne In Her Polka-Dot Bikini Works On Her Tan
Gymnast Olivia Dunne basks in the sunshine while wearing a tiny polka-dot bikini that shows off plenty of skin!

Gymnast Olivia Dunne In Her Polka-Dot Bikini Works On Her Tan

Olivia Dunne made her Instagram followers happy with a titillating bikini update!

The Louisiana State University gymnast and social media star spent some time outdoors, soaking up the sun in a sexy two-piece swimsuit that showcased her insane figure.

Soaking Up Some Sunshine

Instagram | Olivia Dunne

In the snap, Olivia was photographed lounging on a sun bed under the blazing sun. She sat comfortably on the netted fabric with her knees bent. The model tucked her right foot under her left leg while arching her back, emphasizing her hourglass silhouette. She placed her hands on her legs while closing her eyes and smiling brightly.

The swimming pool, plants, trees, and a black fence were seen in the background.

Flashing Her Phenomenal Body

Instagram | Olivia Dunne

Olivia flashed her curves in a teeny tiny bikini set that left little to the imagination. It had a polka-dot print with a white base and black spots. The top seemed to have triangle cups, but her arm blocked the area from view. The straps that provided support for the garment clung to her neck, while another pair of strings tied around her back.

The 19-year-old sported a pair of scanty bottoms that featured a low-cut waistline, which allowed her to show a lot of skin across her toned midsection. Its thin sides stretched above her hips, which helped emphasize the curves of her hips. The back portion, meanwhile, showcased her backside.

Olivia left her body jewelry-free, letting her curves do all the talking. Her golden tresses were styled in loose waves that hung down her back. She also painted her nails with peach polish which popped against her sun-kissed complexion.

In Her Little Black Dress

Instagram | Olivia Dunne

The athlete regularly teases her online audience with formfitting ensembles highlighting her flawless physique. For example, one recent upload featured the model showcasing her fantastic figure in a skintight black dress adorned with tiny rhinestones. She wore the hot look to this year’s MTV Video Music Awards.

Last week, she chose to wear a leopard-print bikini as she flaunted her hourglass curves.

On Being A Social Media Sensation

Instagram | Olivia Dunne

Apart from gymnastics, Olivia, also known as “Livvy,” loves to work on her social media career. On TikTok, she has over 6 million followers. Meanwhile, on Instagram, she has more than 2 million. In an interview with The New York Post, she shared her thoughts about being an influencer and how it’s not giving her “too much pressure.”

“I don’t feel too much pressure, because doing social media is always something that I’ve loved, and I’ve always taken it pretty seriously,” she explained.

Olivia added, “At times, I can get overwhelmed with how busy things are, but I don’t feel pressure on a day-to-day basis.”

How Being On The Internet Can Help Her Career

Instagram | Olivia Dunne

Being an internet star has been very beneficial for Olivia ever since the NCAA overturned its rules prohibiting athletes from selling their name, image, and likenesses in June 2021.

“The NIL rule change has always been a dream of mine, and I didn’t know if it was actually ever going to happen,” she said. “I think it’s great for female student athletes in gymnastics like myself because there is really no professional league after college, so we can capitalize on our opportunities right now. It’s such a special thing. It’s like I’m part of history, all of us student athletes are.”

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