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Gabrielle Union Steps Out Looking Fly In See-Through Lacy Gown
49-year-old star Gabrielle Union continues to defy the law of aging as she blesses fans with another amazing glimpse of her gorgeous self.

Gabrielle Union Steps Out Looking Fly In See-Through Lacy Gown

Gabrielle Union may be close to her 50s, but she has still got the sauce!

The prominent actress is widely regarded for her lively roles in movies like “Love & Basketball,” “Bad Boys II,” and other recent productions. She is also known to bless fans constantly on the gram with glimpses of her stunning self, which she recently did on her Story, flaunting her ageless physique.

Gabrielle Union Showcases Classy Look In New Instagram Story Posts

In a series of updates the “She’s All That” star posted on her Story, one video showed her showcasing her fly outfit and unblemished skin as she posed in front of a mirror. Donning a partly sheer lacy gown, her body no doubt drew more attention given the dress’ fabric and its vivid patterns.

She paired the outfit with light pink slipper heels and a patterned purse she placed on her elbow. Her black glossy weave was tied tightly as a ponytail, flowing in long waves down her back. Teasing fans with a full view of her shape, she turned sideways, jutted her hips slightly, and posed sultrily for the camera.

Gabrielle used “All That I Can Say” by Mary J. Blige and Lauryn Hill as the post’s soundtrack and tagged a few users, including Larry Sims, Tasha Reiko Brown, Thomas Christos Kikis, Free People, and Prada.

In another video on her Story, which she reposted from her husband Dwyane Wade’s page, she gave fans a back view of herself wearing the same outfit from the previous post. She could be seen strutting towards a shiny black car in a parking lot while Dwyane penned a peace hand sign across the update and tagged her.

The married couple is known for their unwavering support for each other, including being jointly passionate advocates for the LGBTQ+ community. However, The Blast recently reported that the “Deliver Us from Eva” actress would star as a homophobic character in the new drama movie “The Inspection.”

She opened up about her role in an interview with PEOPLE, maintaining that she shared no similarity with it but was able to “find common ground” and provide all that was required for the identity. Her character, Inez French, is a mother who does not accept her son, Ellis French as gay, which is significantly different from Gabrielle’s reaction when her daughter, Zaya Wade, came out as transgender in 2020.

While she did not find any similarities between herself and Inez at first, the movie’s director, Elegance Bratton, encouraged her to take on the role, assisting her in finding her “common space” with the character. The “Love & Basketball” star said of acting her role, “It’s not going to manifest itself in the same way.”

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She continued, “But when you are centering an oppressor’s idea of who you need to be to be considered worthy of all of the things, everybody is on the chopping block.” Despite acting as a homophobe in the production, Gabrielle revealed that that was never the case with herself and her daughter, Zaya. She also expressed disdain for haters of the LGBTQ+ community. In her words:

“I always look at homophobes as trash. Google is free, and I’m not doing free labor for you to figure out how to love your kid.” 

The Wades Were Inspired By Magic Johnson’s Unwavering Support For Gay Son

Gabrielle and Dwyane seemed to have had a helping hand when their trans daughter came out, as The Blast reported in April that the legendary Earvin “Magic” Johnson confirmed so. Ahead of the release of Magic’s docuseries “They Call Me Magic,” he spoke about the inspiration he offered to the married couple, given that his gay son EJ publicly came out in 2013.

The former athlete noted that he and his wife, Cookie, have always been the type to try to do the right thing and what they were meant to do. He further explained that they had always loved EJ before he came out gay, and nothing would ever change their sentiments.

Magic added that his steadfast support for his son motivated Gabrielle and Dwyane to do the right thing for Zaya amid her transition. He appreciated God that his experience could influence people, both on and off the court, including in people’s “everyday waking life,” as he believed it was a blessing.

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