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Britney Spears Strips Down To Her Birthday Suit For Puppy Pic
Britney Spears has pulled out the diamonds again for a few more Instagram snaps with her favorite puppy, Sawyer!

On Thursday afternoon, Britney Spears was showing off her diamonds… again.

This time, the “Oops!… I Did It Again” singer covered her assets with her puppy, Sawyer, cradling him in front of her as she posed for the camera. “Sawyer 🙄💕🌟👄 !!!” Britney wrote in the caption. In the last slide, she included a quote that read, “If you love someone, set them free. If you hate someone, set them free. Basically set everyone free and get a dog. People are stupid.”

Usually, fans embrace Britney exercising her freedom. However, this post had fans worried.

Britney Spears’ Stripped Down Snaps Have Fans Concerned


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“I’m sorry…. but no,” one fan wrote. “Why,” another added.

“Bruises?” asked another fan. Some fans thought that Britney had bruises on her back and arm, but others thought that it looked like it might be mud.

Still, not fans opposed the pic. “Oh to be a dog held by Britney Spears,” one user wrote.

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“Okay, now without the dog,” another commented. “Yikes,” another fan replied to the comment.

User jlmurray90 asked, “Are we sure Britney is ok?” The comment got over 1,000 likes and over 150 replies with people giving polarizing takes on Britney’s situation.

“I don’t think she is?” one user asked.

“Why do you asked that?” another asked. “Sure she is fine.”

Instagram / britneyspears

“she’s clearly not ok and I wish people would really care for her and stop fueling her with ideas that she is and encourage her to get real help. I don’t think the people around her are helping her at all,” another added.

“I think she’s very clearly not ok and she hasn’t been ok for a very long time,” another said. “But I think she’s healing and we’re seeing that process. I don’t think of any of us have ever seen the ‘real’ Britney before because she’s been so controlled her entire life. This is the real Britney.”

Another argued, “this is a genuine question, how is she ‘clearly not ok’ here? This is literally just a selfie, she didn’t write anything concerning or anything.”

Instagram / britneyspears

“no and the more she posts the more I see how bad she needs the correct help. She had toxic people involved in her finances and life; now can we get good people to get her the help she needs before it’s too late??” another asked.

“doesn’t matter, mentally different people deserve freedom, and deserve to live or post what they want, she’s not hurting anyone,” another added.

Other fans mentioned that many other celebrities like to post stripped-down photos online and Britney was free to choose what she wanted to do with her body.

Britney Spears Is Back To Writing Songs And Poems Again


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After recently sharing a few poems earlier in the week, Britney shared another piece that can be read either as a poem or as potential song lyrics. The post was shared about thirty minutes after her photos with Sawyer that so many fans were hotly debating.

“I wrote this last night … Didn’t know what it really meant 🤷🏼‍♀️ … just scratch writing ✍️ then I read it … and it sounded kind of GOOD !!! Psss so happy to share 😊 !!!” she wrote in the caption.

Fans seemed to unanimously support Britney in this latest post, with one fan calling it “Clarity in chaos.”


“Sing it!” another fan begged. “Queen of poetry,” another fan wrote. “You are doing good sweetie,” said a third fan.

“Poem or lyrics, it’s amazing,” said another fan.

Although her photos with Sawyer seemed to have fans divided, at least fans all seem to agree that her poetry is amazing! Fans can check out her two other poems below.

Instagram / britneyspears
Instagram / britneyspears

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