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Bebe Rexha Shows Off Curves In Sexy Blue Leather Body Suit
Grammy-nominated pop superstar Bebe Rexha left fans hot and bothered after posting a photo in a blue leather bodysuit.

Bebe Rexha Shows Off Curves In Sexy Blue Leather Body Suit

Bebe Rexha and David Guetta just released the highly anticipated music video for their “I’m Good (Blue)” remix collaboration. The song has been circling TikTok for months, prior to the two artists even releasing the hit.

Now that the song is officially out, and the music video has also been released, Diamond-certified and Grammy-nominated pop superstar Bebe Rexha is giving fans a special look at her iconic outfit from the video.

Bebe Rexha’s Sexy Blue Leather Body Suit

The “Meant To Be” singer shared photos of her sporting the sexy leather suit from her new music video for “I’m Good (Blue).” The bodysuit shows off all of her curves, in the best way. The artist paired the blue leather suit with cat eye makeup, highlighting her beautiful face.


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Comments came pouring in on the Instagram post, with one fan saying, “You totally rock that outfit goddess.”

Another user summed it up perfectly by writing, “Absolutely gorgeous!! Absolutely amazing!! Absolutely perfect!!”

And one Bebe Rexha fan commented, “Obsessed with this one 💙.”

Several other fans left simple comments consisting of red hearts or flames, showing their support for the Diamond-certified and Grammy-nominated pop superstar.

“I’m Good (Blue)”

Instagram | Bebe Rexha

If it wasn’t for TikTok, David Guetta and Bebe Rexha may have never released this collaboration remix of Eiffel 65’s original song, “Blue (Da Ba Dee.”

A snippet of the song went viral on the social media platform, bringing in over 500 million views. In the TikTok clip, Bebe Rexha is heard singing “I’m good and I’m feeling alright. Baby, I’m gonna have the best f***ing night of my life. And wherever it takes me, I’m down for the ride. Baby, don’t know I’m good and I’m feeling alright,” over those iconic notes from the original Eiffel 65 song.

The two actually remixed the Eiffel 65 song “years ago,” but had never released it. That all changed thanks to the power of social media.

“I have no idea how it made it to TikTok but I love it!” Rexha said in one of her own TikTok videos.


@davidguetta and i remixed this song years ago and we never released it. I have no idea how it made it to tik tok but i love it! Cheers! Xoxoxo

♬ original sound – SweeetTails

David Guetta and Bebe Rexha released “I’m Good (Blue)” in August, and has already become a hit, topping charts in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Rexha and Guetta Release Official Music Video


With over 250 million streams — and continuing to grow — the two just released a music video for the song as well.

In the video, Bebe Rexha can be seen showing off her body in a revealing black slip dress before changing into the bright blue leather body suit from her Instagram post. The Grammy-nominated pop superstar also sports a few bikini styles while splashing around in the pool at a party.

The “I’m Good (Blue)” music video also shows clips from Guetta’s and Rexha’s concerts in the past.

The official music video was shared on David Guetta’s YouTube channel just one day ago, and already has over 1.5 million views and is number 17 in trending.

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