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37 TV Shows That Are Premiering And Returning This Summer That You’ll Want To Watch
From <i>Obi-Wan Kenobi</i> to <i>The Umbrella Academy</i> Season 3, there are a lot of great TV shows to look forward to.

37 TV Shows That Are Premiering And Returning This Summer That You’ll Want To Watch

1. Stranger Things Season 4

Karen Ballard / HBO Max

This Emmy Award–winning comedy is back, and it’s better than ever. Hacks Season 2 keeps the hilarious moments of Season 1, while also ping deeper into Deborah and Ava’s personal growth and journeys. Instead of staying in Vegas, Deborah, Ava, and everyone else are hitting the road in Season 2 to test out Deborah’s new show, and it’s just as hilarious as you’d expect. Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder continue to be the best duo on TV in a picture-perfect second season. Also, Laurie Metcalf, Ming-Na Wen, and more join the cast, and it’s flawless.

When it returned: May 12 on HBO Max

Craig Blankenhorn / Hulu

Following the Season 1 cliffhanger, Charles, Oliver, and Mabel are now running around to try and prove their innocence following Bunny’s death. Now that this trio has been thrust into the spotlight, they’re the subject of a competing podcast, all while dealing with nosy neighbors who think they could be killers. Once again, Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez bring their comedy A-games to this series as they are joined by some new faces played by Cara Delevingne, Amy Schumer, Michael Rappaport, Shirley MacLaine, and more.

When it returns: June 28 on Hulu

Matt Squire / Netflix

I’m not ready to say goodbye, but the final season of Peaky Blinders will finally hit Netflix this summer, and I’m preparing to weep from start to finish. The new season picks up right where Season 5 left off, with Tommy hitting rock bottom after hallucinating Grace. The biggest part of this final season will be how the series says goodbye to Polly after Helen McCrory’s death. Basically, I’m going to grab copious amounts of tissue boxes now.

When it returns: June 10 on Netflix


The Umbrella Academy is back with Season 3 this summer, and our favorite siblings are preparing for even more chaos. After stopping 1963’s doomsday, the Umbrella Academy returns to the present, only to find out that the timeline has totally changed and the Sparrow Academy now exists. As you can imagine, the Sparrows and Umbrellas do not get along, but their animosity toward each other becomes the least of their worries as they begin to deal with an unidentified destructive entity that is wreaking havoc on the universe. 

When it returns: June 22 on Netflix

7. Ms. Marvel

Marvel Studios / Disney+

Kamala Khan makes her long-awaited debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Ms. Marvel. This new series follows Kamala, a Muslim American teenager who is just trying to survive growing up in Jersey City. Kamala’s a huge superhero fan, especially Captain Marvel, and while I can totally relate to her obsession with superheroes, comics, fanfiction, and more, the other kids at her school (and even her family) don’t really understand her. While she’s just trying to fit in, her life gets a little more complicated when she suddenly develops her own superpowers, just like the people she grew up idolizing. 

Starring: Iman Vellani, Matt Lintz, Yasmeen Fletcher, Zenobia Shroff, Moahn Kapur, Saagar Shaikh, Rish Shah, Laurel Marsden, Adaku Ononogbo, Laith Nakil, and more

When it premieres: June 8 on Disney+

Apple TV+ / Via youtu.be

One of the best — and most underrated — TV series in recent years returns with Season 3, and things are getting even more complicated for the space race. After conquering and exploring the moon, the space race moves on to looking at Mars. While the US and the Soviet Union continue to race to make it to the red planet, a new competitor emerges and raises the stakes even more. Our favorite characters are now going head-to-head as their ambitions to get to Mars may strain some of the loyalties they’ve built over the years. 

When it returns: June 10 on Apple TV+

AMC / Via youtu.be

Saul Goodman will say goodbye this summer, as Better Call Saul comes to an end with the final batch of episodes. As we rapidly approach the events of Breaking Bad, Jimmy and Kim are forming new alliances and things are getting more stressful for our favorite lawyers as the sins of the past are catching up to both of them. Before we say goodbye, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul will reprise their roles as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, so get ready for a chaotic ride until the very last minute.

When it returns: July 11 on AMC

Prime Video / Via youtu.be

One of the best superhero shows on TV returns this summer when The Boys kicks it into high gear for Season 3. After a year of calm following the Season 2 finale, Homelander has been subdued, Butcher is now working for the government and is being supervised by Hughie. Yup, everything is fucking weird. However, peace can only last so long, so when The Boys learn of a mysterious Anti-Supe weapon, they are once again crashing into The Seven, starting a war, and learning about the first superhero: Soldier Boy. Jensen Ackles joins The Boys as Soldier Boy, and it’s going to be so good, but so chaotic. 

When it returns: June 3 on Prime Video


What We Do in the Shadows, aka everyone’s favorite vampire show, is back with Season 4 this July. Following the Season 3 cliffhanger, the new season will follow our beloved group as they are reunited following their return to their house in Staten Island. Nandor will continue to search for love, Nadja wants to open a vampire club, and Laszlo is literally raising baby Colin. Gotta love all of them. Meanwhile, Guillermo is looking to discover himself as he embarks on an emotional journey to connect with his family. The cast remains amazing, the stories as hilarious as ever, and man, the summer is just better with this show in it.

When it returns: July 12 on FX and July 13 on Hulu

12. The Staircase


Based on the true-crime documentary of the same name and real-life events, The Staircase follows Michael Peterson, a crime novelist and aspiring politician, who is accused of killing his wife, Kathleen, after she is found dead at the bottom of the stairs in their family home. As the investigation and trial continue, new secrets come to life as the family is thrust into the spotlight. Unsurprising to probably everyone, but Colin Firth and Toni Collette lead this brilliant ensemble with two harrowing and jaw-dropping performances.

Starring: Colin Firth, Toni Collette, Michael Stuhlbarg, Dane DeHaan, Olivia DeJonge, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Sophie Turner, Odessa Young, Rosemarie DeWitte, Tim Guinee, Parker Posey, Juliette Binoche, Vincent Vermignon, and more

When it premiered: May 5 on HBO Max

Dana Hawley / Prime Video

Based on the beloved book series by Jenny Han, The Summer I Turned Pretty follows Belly Conklin, whose favorite time of the year is the summer because it means spending time with Conrad and Jeremiah Fisher at her favorite place in the world. The series explores the ever-evolving relationship between Belly, Conrad, and Jeremiah, as well as the special bond between mothers and children. The Summer I Turned Pretty is the perfect young adult series filled with first love and first heartbreaking, all set during the magical summer season. 

Starring: Lola Tung, Christopher Briney, Gavin Casalegno, Rachel Blanchard, Jackie Chung, Sean Kaufman, Minnie Mills, and more

When it premieres: June 17 on Prime Video


Never Have I Ever returns with Season 3 soon, as Devi continues to try to balance her school life, her friends, her family, and her new relationship with Paxton. While the Devi, Paxton, and Ben love triangle seems to be over for now, you have to remember that Ben now knows that Devi had real feelings for him. On top of everything else, the new season will also introduce Des, an Indian American boy from an elite private school who is just as smart as Devi. This is the second-to-last season for Never Have I Ever, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

When it returns: Aug. 12 on Netflix

15. First Kill


Based on a short story by V. E. Schwab, First Kill follows Juliette, a teenage vampire who has to make her first kill in order to take her place among a powerful vampire family. However, after she sets her sights on a new girl named Calliope, things get complicated, considering Calliope is from a long line of vampire slayers. Now, both Juliette and Calliope realize that killing is harder than it seems, especially when they start to fall for each other. 

Starring: Sarah Catherine Hook, Imani Lewis, Elizabeth Mitchell, Aubin Wise, Jason Robert Moore, Gracie Dzienny, Will Swenson, and more

When it premieres: June 10 on Netflix

Shane Brown / FX / Hulu

One of the best series of 2021, Reservation Dogs returns with brand-new episodes in August. The second season picks up with everyone doing their own thing. Elora is heading off to California with Jackie, which is still a sore subject among our group. Meanwhile, Bear is heading down a troubling path to try and cope with recent events, while Willie Jack is trying to reverse a curse that could be affecting the whole town. Reservation Dogs is just so good, and if you haven’t caught up yet, now is the time. 

When it returns: Aug. 3 on Hulu

17. P-Valley Season 2

Starz / Via youtu.be

This award-worthy series returns with its sophomore season as we head back to The Pynk. When Season 2 of P-Valley begins, everybody is continuing to fight to survive. Autumn and Uncle Clifford are going head-to-head for the throne as new people shake up The Pynk. Meanwhile, the casino’s fate hangs in the balance as politics in the area get more complicated. This show was so beautifully written in Season 1, and this new season will only build upon the dynamics we came to adore.

When it returns: June 3 on Starz

Apple TV+

The Essex Serpent follows London widow Cora Seaborne, who moves to Essex to investigate reports of a mythical serpent. Soon, Cora forms a bond with local pastor Will Ransome, who is a skeptic. However, once tragedy strikes, the locals turn on Cora as they accuse her of attracting this creature to their shores. This series hinges upon Claire Danes and Tom Hiddleston’s chemistry, which takes center stage in this book-to-TV adaptation. 

Starring: Claire Danes, Tom Hiddleston, Frank Dillane, Hayley Squires, Clémance Poésy, Jamel Westman, Dixie Egerickx, Michael Jibson, Ryan Reffell, and more

When it premiered: May 13 on Apple TV+

Paramount+ / Via youtu.be

This underrated and thrilling series returns with Season 3 this summer, and it picks up moments after David and Kristen’s long-awaited kiss. As the duo deals with their personal lives — like their growing attraction to each other and David recently becoming ordained — bigger threats begin to emerge that make their reality even more difficult. Packed into Evil Season 3, there’s also David’s involvement in an espionage unit within the Catholic church and a mountain of unsolved cases for Ben that require his sister’s help.

When it returns: June 12 on Paramount+

Hulu / FX / Via youtu.be

This new limited series centers on famous guitarist Steve Jones as the Sex Pistols rise to prominence and notoriety in the 1970s. Pistol will follow the formation, rise, and eventual fall of this iconic UK band who went on to inspire an entire generation of punk and alternative bands and singers. The series is also based on Steve Jones’ 2017 memoir, Lonely Boy.

Starring: Toby Wallace, Anson Boon, Louis Partridge, Jacob Slater, Christian Lees, Dylan Llewellyn, Maisie Williams, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Sydney Chandler, Emma Appleton, Talulah Riley, and more

When it premieres: May 31 on Hulu

Kane Skennar / Amazon Prime Video

The Wilds returns with Season 2 as the mysteries of the social experiment the girls are wrapped up in gets bigger and wilder. Following the Season 1 finale, we now follow the group of boys who have also been stranded on an island. As the girls continue to fight for survival, we also learn about the boys’ journey and how their time on the island went. Of course, this is all happening as we flash to the present day as Leah tries to piece together what Gretchen Klein is really up to. 

When it returned: May 6 on Prime Video

Enda Bowe / Hulu

Based on Sally Rooney’s novel of the same name, Conversations with Friends follows Frances, a 21-year-old college student who is navigating life and relationships as best she can. The series explores Frances’s various relationships that force her to confront her own vulnerabilities for the very first time. Conversations with Friends is from the same team that brought us Normal People.

Starring: Alison Oliver, Sasha Lane, Joe Alwyn, and Jemima Kirke

When it premiered: May 15 on Hulu

Heidi Gutman / Peacock

The iconic girl group returns as Dawn, Summer, Gloria, and Wickie try to continue to capitalize on their recent resurgence. Girls5Eva Season 2 kicks off with Girls5Eva coming off of their Jingle Ball performance and trying to keep their new and old fans interested. As they try to write and record a new album, the girls are looking to recapture the spark and magic that made them great in the 2000s.

When it returned: May 5 on Peacock


Honestly, sometimes you need a wholesome drama series to watch, and that’s where Virgin River comes in. Season 4 of this Netflix series will pick up right after the previous season, with Mel announcing her pregnancy to Jack, with the added twist that she doesn’t know if it’s Jack or Mark’s baby. Despite this small setback for the couple, Mel starts this new season with a new sense of optimism as she hopes her dream of becoming a mother will finally happen. Meanwhile, a new and handsome doctor arrives in town, just to complicate everything a little more.

When it returns: July 20 on Netflix

26. Westworld Season 4

HBO / Via youtu.be

After a two-year hiatus, Westworld returns with its latest season this summer, and things are getting even wilder. While exact plot details for this season are still being kept under wraps, we can expect our beloved cast to play different versions of the characters we’ve come to love. In particular, Evan Rachel Wood will likely be bringing to life a new Dolores following that deadly Season 3 finale. Also, recent Academy Award winner Ariana DeBose joins this season.

When it returns: June 26 on HBO and HBO Max


Motherland: Fort Salem returns for its third and final season, and I’m personally not ready to say goodbye to these characters. Following Season 2, Abigail, Tally, Raelle, and Scylla are now fugitives on the run. Without the military to support them, they are looking for protection alongside the Dodger community while trying to stay out of trouble. As witch hunters work against them from inside the White House, Abigail, Tally, Raelle, and Scylla soon call upon ancient forces in the final battle for their right to exist. 

When it returns: June 21 on Freeform and June 22 on Hulu

28. Rutherford Falls Season 2

Ron Batzdorff / Peacock

Rutherford Falls Season 2 follows lifelong best friends Nathan and Reagan, who try to help each other deal with work, life, and romances. Alongside their personal problems, Nathan and Reagan are also trying to keep their small town and the Native American reservation it borders intact, as Tribal Casino CEO Terry Thomas wants to change everything. Season 1 of this show was an underrated gem, and here’s your warning to try and catch up before Season 2 drops.

When it returns: June 16 on Peacock

29. Love, Victor Season 3

Gilles Mingasson / Hulu

The final season of Love, Victor will pick up after the events of Season 2, with Victor trying to decide between Rahim and Benji. With post–high school life looming, Victor and his friends are faced with a new set of problems as they try to make the right choices that will set them up for their best possible futures. For three seasons, Love, Victor was a wholesome bright spot on TV, and this final season continues to showcase the beloved characters and relationships that made this show so special.

When it returns: June 15 on Hulu and Disney+

30. Physical Season 2

Apple TV+

In the second season of this hilarious dark comedy, Sheila has now successfully launched her first fitness video, but she’s now encountering some new and bigger obstacles. She’s torn between the loyalty she has to her husband and the values he represents, and a dangerous new attraction to someone else. On top of all this, Sheila is no longer the only fitness person in town, as new competitors begin to spring up. The White Lotus star Murray Bartlett joins the cast in Season 2 as a new fitness instructor and weight-loss guru.

When it returns: June 3 on Apple TV+

Isabella Vosmikova / Peacock

This new limited series tells the story of Angelyne, an ’80s Los Angeles icon who took the town by storm and is arguably one of the first influencers. Angelyne famously appeared on billboards littered across LA simply posing alongside her pink corvette, and from there, she became a household name. The new series looks to peel back the curtain on one of the biggest celebrities of the ’80s who seemingly sprung up out of nowhere. 

Starring: Emmy Rossum, Hamish Linklater, Alex Karpovsky, Lukas Gage, Charlie Rowe, and more

When it premieres: May 19 on Peacock

Macall Polay / HBO

Based on the book of the same name and adapted by Steven Moffat, The Time Traveler’s Wife follows Clare and Henry, whose love story is inherently very complicated considering he can spontaneously time travel. At 6 years old, Clare meets Henry, the future love of her life, and from there, the duo embarks on a romance that literally spans time as they deal with love, loss, marriage, and so much more. The novel was previously adapted into a movie in 2009 starring Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana.

Starring: Rose Leslie, Theo James, Desmin Borges, Natasha Lopez, Michael Park, Kate Siegel, Jaime Ray Newman, Taylor Richardson, Peter Graham, Josh Stamberg, and more

When it premiered: May 16 on HBO and HBO Max

Prime Video

In his first TV role since Parks and Rec, Chris Pratt stars as Lt. Commander James Reece, who is on a mission of revenge to uncover the truth. After his entire platoon of Navy SEALs is ambushed during a covert mission, Reece returns home to be with his family while dealing with memories of the event and what really happened. As new evidence comes to light, Reece discovers that what happened out there is worse than he ever imagined.

Starring: Chris Pratt, Constance Wu, Taylor Kitsch, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Riley Keough, Arlo Metz, and more

When it premieres: July 1 on Prime Video

Colleen Hayes / Apple TV+

This new comedy series follows Molly Novak, a billionaire who is seemingly living the dream life, with all of her desires at her fingertips. However, when her husband of 20 years betrays her, she spirals publicly and becomes the bestselling story for any tabloid. As Molly reaches rock bottom with some trusted friends and family by her side, she must embark on a journey of self-discovery, especially after finding out that she owns a charity that is being negatively affected by all her bad press.

Starring: Maya Rudolph, Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, Joel Kim Booster, Nat Faxon, Ron Funches, and more

When it premieres: June 24 on Apple TV+

35. God’s Favorite Idiot

Vince Valitutti / Netflix

This newest Netflix comedy follows Clark, a mid-level tech support employee who is just trying to live his life. He loves hanging out with his dad and cats, while also pining after his coworker Amy. However, one day Clark’s seemingly boring life is turned upside down when he realizes that God has a bigger plan for him and he must work to save mankind. As Clark and Amy band together to literally stop Satan, what ensues is a hilarious comedy for the whole family. Also, God’s Favorite Idiot marks an adorable Gilmore Girls reunion between Melissa McCarthy and Yanic Truesdale, aka Sookie and Michel.

Starring: Ben Falcone, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Bibb, Kevin Dunn, Yanic Truesdale, Usman Ally, and more

When it premieres: June 15 on Netflix


This modern-day reimagining of the groundbreaking Russell T. Davies series, Queer As Folk follows a perse group of LGBTQ+ friends living in New Orleans. The series kicks off after tragedy strikes, and every character is learning to deal with the recent loss. With a new group of actors joined by some incredible veterans, Queer As Folk will have you laughing and crying with every episode.

Starring: Devin Way, Fin Argus, JesseJames Keitel, CG, Johnny Sibilly, Ryan O’Connell, Kim Cattrall, Juliette Lewis, and more

When it premieres: June 9 on Peacock

37. Roswell, New Mexico Season 4

John Golden Britt / The CW

After The CW cut nearly all of their original programming, this will mark the final season for Roswell, New Mexico. After dealing with Mr. Jones all of last season, it looks like Liz and Max are finally reveling in some happiness, which they honestly deserve. Of course, this is a show about aliens, so the calm doesn’t last long. Soon, a new threat emerges and an alien is brought to an American scientist, who is played by OG Roswell star Shiri Appleby. With a mysterious new alien set to interfere with Liz, Max, Michael, and Isobel, they soon realize that Mr. Jones might’ve been the least of their problems.

When it returns: June 6 on The CW

Which TV shows are you most excited for this summer? Don’t see your favorite on this list? Tell us what we should be watching in the comments below!

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