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Eric Decker’s Buns Finds Their Way Online AGAIN!
Eric Decker's Buns Finds Their Way Online AGAIN!,Forrest is Eric Decker's 3rd child with wife Jessie James Decker, after their two kids— daughter Vivianne Rose and son Eric Thomas II.

Eric Decker’s Buns Finds Their Way Online AGAIN!

Eric Decker appeared to be in a pretty tight spot since his second son Forrest unintentionally shared nude snaps of him in the shower.

Forrest Bradley is Eric’s third child with beloved wife Jessie James Decker, birthed after their two kids, daughter Vivianne Rose and son Eric Thomas II.

According to Page Six, there were multiple shots of Eric’s bare self posted online by the 4-year-old, and they were live for about thirty minutes before getting deleted.

Eric Decker Says He Will Keep An Eye On His Kids Using His Phone After Leaked Nudes

Instagram | Jessie James Decker

On Monday, July 11, the former NFL player’s last-born uploaded two nude pictures of the star on Instagram, showing the tyke grinning for a selfie while his dad’s back and side of his bare behind faced him.

One of the photos also displayed Forrest smiling innocently, whereas the second was of him laughing, apparently aware that his father was stark naked in view.

As you may know, the pictures were on the platform for thirty minutes before a friend of the NFL alum’s spouse, Jessie, sent her a screenshot with a message.

Based on a screenshot the country-pop singer shared on her Instagram Story, her concerned friend’s message read, “I am not even sure if u know, he has his phone, but if u don’t, go grab,”

She replied to the text with “omg” before taking her husband’s phone. In addition, she added a laughing emoji, so it seems she may not be so upset with Forrest.

Eric later took to his Instagram Story to address the uploaded nudes and joked that he would be more watchful of his kids whenever they used his phone. He wrote:

“Time to change the code…so much for letting Forrest watch his Avengers videos during my shower.”

The leaked posts would not be the first time the former American football wide receiver’s unclothed body was shared online, as his wife previously did so for his 35th birthday.

Instagram | Eric Decker

As the news outlet reported, Jessie could not help but show off her man’s fit physique on Instagram to honor his special day.

The hot snap showed Eric sitting by a pool with one knee bent to shield himself while he held his hand to his face, similar to the famed “Thinker” sculpture.

His adoring spouse captioned the post, “The birthday boy in his birthday suit lookin like a statue from Greece – My man is 35 and aging like fine wine.”

Birthdays are a constant tradition for the couple who have celebrated many together since their marriage in June 2013, including festivities with their three adorable kids.

The Former New York Jets Star Gushes About Wife On Ninth Wedding Anniversary Message

Speaking of festivities, The Blast made a recent report in June about Eric and Jessie’s ninth wedding, which the sportsman honored with a beautiful message to his wife.

The loving pair initially met in 2011, and at the time, Jessie had made a covenant with herself to avoid men. She confessed so in her memoir “Just Jessie: My Guide to Love, Life, Family, and Food,” published in 2018.


Her pledge apparently did not hold for long after meeting Eric, as they began dating shortly after and eventually got hitched, strengthening their deep affection.

As for their ninth wedding anniversary, the former Tennessee Titans athlete expressed how far his relationship with his sweetheart had moved forward and anticipated spending eternity with her.

He loved living “this life” with her as they had had “so many adventures and beautiful memories” with the former reality TV star standing by her husband’s side all through the “good and bad.”

Eric called Jessie his “lover, best friend, and soulmate” and added, “9 years down and a lifetime to go. Cheers to us.”

The adorable duo has always been open about their romance with uncountable PDA instances within the walls of their home and during private vacations and trips to exotic spots.

Regarding their first meeting, they first got to know each other through a common acquaintance who showed Eric a picture of Jessie, leading him to be interested in meeting.

After getting acquainted, the 34-year-old songwriter made her now-partner do some chasing before yielding to his ultimate demands for a relationship.

The twosome then revealed a year later that Eric had proposed, causing fans to wonder about how the 35-year-old was able to convince Jessie to get wedded.