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14 Lyrical Moments That Proved The Late Rapper Takeoff Was A Force
14 Lyrical Moments That Proved The Late Rapper Takeoff Was A Force,We honor the life and legacy of Migos Rapper Takeoff.

14 Lyrical Moments That Proved The Late Rapper Takeoff Was A Force

The world was first introduced to Takeoff as a member of the famous rap trio, Migos. Born Kirshnik Khari Ball, the Atlanta metropolitan native was known for his creative lyricism, unique flow, and colorful ad-libs. Takeoff had become an essential part of rap and hip-hop culture.

Erika Goldring / Getty Images”Ain’t been on earth (no) ever since I cooped that rocket chain and took a trip outer space (go).”

“Having Our Way” — Migos featuring Drake

2. His name spoke for itself.

Rich Fury / Getty Images for Global Citizen

“Yeah, I’m the rocket, they callin’ me, ‘Takeoff.’ How is you passin’ me? (How?)”

“Bars Into Captions” — Quavo and Offset

3. He made it to the point of television stardom and making his mama proud.

Jason Koerner / Getty Images

“Mama said she saw me on Jimmy Kimmel (Mama). Count it up, ’cause I’m a money symbol.”

“I Get The Bag” — Gucci Mane featuring Migos

4. He also let us know there was nothing average about him.

Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

“Fox on my body, no Vivica (fox on my…) I’m not your average or typical (I’m not your…)”

“I Get The Bag” — Gucci Mane featuring Migos  

5. There was no question he knew his value.

Erika Goldring / Getty Images

“Walk in the buildin’, they start applaudin’ (Applaudin’) I get a rebound, I ain’t talkin’ ’bout Spalding (Ball)”

“Walk It Talk It”  Migos featuring Drake

6. Takeoff believed in himself and his crew.

Prince Williams / WireImage / Getty

“I told you that we gon’ make it like the LOX (I told you)”

“Malibu” — Migos

7. At the height of the pandemic, he helped give us music for one of our favorite dinner nights.

Gerardo Mora / Getty Images

“Count up the racks off a show date (Dineros) I’ll never ever see a broke day (Oh, no)”

“Taco Tuesday” — Migos

8. The man enjoyed the allure of adult entertainment.

Prince Williams / WireImage / Getty

“Money flop, panties drop, that’s when them titties pop (Woo)”

“Slippery” — Migos

9. Ballin’ was a hobby.

Prince Williams / WireImage / Getty

“Want a big 3000, André (André) I could throw the money, John Elway (Which way?)”

“Major Bag Alert” — DJ Khaled featuring Migos

10. Speaking of money, he once offered a peek at his bank account as a point of inspiration.

Barry Brecheisen / WireImage / Getty

“Take a look at my bank account, seem like you dreamin”

“??? (Where)” — Ty Dolla $ign featuring Migos

11. At one point, he was part of the reason we were all in the kitchen cooking our favorite mixture of rice and veggies.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images for Global Citizen

“Finger roll, post move or the pick and roll. They mad the way we win, they think we used a cheat code.”

“Stir Fry”  Migos

12. At one point we were vibin’ to “Hannah Montana,” but I ain’t talking about the Disney Channel character.

Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest / EA SPORTS BOWL

“I’m lookin’ at her like damn, Hannah makin’ them go bananas”

“Hannah Montana” — Migos

13. He understood that getting things just right took time and patience.

Steve Granitz / WireImage / Getty

“You don’t get shit straight if you don’t straighten it (No). I’m the type to sit back and watch patient (Watch).”

“Straightenin” — Migos

14. And in a prophetic way, he gave us insight into his final thoughts.

Erika Goldring / Getty Images

“I talk to God cause I been baptized (Baptized). I got mob ties to the nawf side (Nawf side).”

“Last Memory” — Takeoff

In a recent interview on the Drink Champs podcast, he said “It’s time to give me my flowers, you know what I mean? I don’t want them later on when I ain’t here.”

Quality Control Music / Via giphy.com

We hope you felt the love while you were here, and just know we are remembering you here on Earth. Prayers and good thoughts go to all who knew and loved you. In the words of Drake, “and like the third Migos, I take off.”