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Do Your Thing, Drake (Yeah)
Do Your Thing, Drake (Yeah),Drake’s verse on the song “Rich Flex” off of “Her Loss,” his album with 21 Savage, is going viral on TikTok for “yassified” or “BBL” interpretations of the lyrics “21, can you do something for me” and “Do your thing, 21.”

Do Your Thing, Drake (Yeah)

In their 2020 collection Homie, the poet Danez Smith writes, in an ode to their friends titled “acknowledgements,” “you & you & you & you go in on a dildo for my birthday / you name it drake, you know me.” Smith’s imagination has never been closer to reality than when Drake says, “21, can you do somethin’ for me? / Can you talk to the opps next for me?” Hearing that, from Drake and 21 Savage’s new song “Rich Flex” off their collaborative album Her Loss, there’s only one thing you can imagine: Drake, one of the most successful rappers in the world, sitting in bed like a middle-school girl, twirling his hair, and asking 21 Savage for some help while covering his mouth and tee-heeing. “21, do your thing / 21, do your thing / Do your thing, 21,” Drake continues in the intro, and the whole world smiles at Drake’s flirting. Meanwhile, 21 Savage responds with a few assorted yeahs and okays. Drake … We want better for you! You deserve a man who will sweep you off your feet, buy you a Birkin bag, and declare that he will do something for you.

Given the extremely yassified nature of these Drake lyrics, TikTok is impersonating him with the BBL effect — a term referencing the plastic-surgery procedure that gives you a “Brazilian butt lift” and a whole new hot-girl persona, coined by TikToker Antoni Bumba. Even Dr. Miami, the surgeon who popularized the procedure, joked about refusing to give Drake “his second round of lipo” because “I am a hottie before I am a surgeon.” Below, the “Rich Flex” memes that’ll have you saying “Purr, 21” just like Drake.

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<blockquote><p lang="en" dir="ltr">drake is never living down the 21 rich flex line i’m cryin  pic.twitter.com/XikSYBEO2o</p>&mdash; nyaland ⁶𓅓 | 🎄🎅🏽🌨️ (@nyaspov) November 6, 2022</blockquote>  <blockquote>  View this post on Instagram<p>A post shared by Nav (@turntonav)</p></blockquote>    <blockquote><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Listening to Rich Flex like pic.twitter.com/K7Xb4prfza</p>&mdash; Mike from Wiscansin (@skinny_que) November 7, 2022</blockquote>  <blockquote><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Drake and 21 in the studio recording Rich Flex pic.twitter.com/O9IvjfqqUj</p>&mdash; ovogrand ⁶𓅓 (@grandwizardcn) November 6, 2022</blockquote>  <h2>Related</h2> <ul>  <li>Megan Thee Stallion Bodies Drake for Questioning Her Shooting  </li>  <li>All the Shots Drake Takes on Her Loss  </li> </ul>