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The Flash Season 8 Episode 14 Trailer Previews Fallout Of [SPOILER] Death
The trailer for The Flash season 8, episode 14, 'Funeral for a Friend,' says goodbye to one of Team Flash's long-time members following their death.

WARNING: This article include MAJOR spoilers from The Flash season 8, episode 13 and episode 14.

The trailer for The Flash season 8, episode 14, “Funeral for a Friend,” previews the fallout of Team Flash’s latest causality. The latest big bad Deathstorm made it clear that the ongoing storyline would come with some heartbreaking conclusions. While The Flash season 2 featured Deathstorm from Earth-2, the DC drama was able to do a more comic-accurate iteration in season 8, while also putting Team Flash against a tougher challenge. Throughout the arc, Deathstorm put the team through trauma as they got haunted by the loss of their loved ones.

After teasing for weeks that there would be a major death in The Flash season 8, it came to fruition in episode 13, “Death Falls.” While becoming the “Anti-Deathstorm” (or Hell Frost as the show nicknamed her,) Frost took down Deathstorm once and for all. However, it came with a massive price as Frost passes away at the end of the episode, leaving the team heartbroken. “Death Falls” may have been the end of Deathstorm, but next week’s installment will serve as another heavy chapter for The Flash season 8.

Following the airing of “Death Falls,” The CW has released the trailer for The Flash season 8, episode 14, which is called “Funeral for a Friend.” The footage follows Team Flash after Frost’s passing as they try to deal with the loss of another team member. Amidst the emotions, there are glimpses of a bomber that is likely going to be their “villain of the week.” Check out the trailer below:

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“Funeral for a Death,” which was written by Jeff Hersh with story by Jonathan Butler and Gabriel Garza and directed by Vanessa Parise, has been teased for a few months even before the actual death was confirmed. Back in February, The Flash star Candice Patton had shared on Instagram that they had shot an episode where she was in funeral attire, which raised a lot of speculation on who may bite the dust. Showrunner Eric Wallace had also made it clear that Deathstorm’s actions would change Team Flash forever.

While Frost is no more, Danielle Panabaker will continue to be on The Flash as Caitlin Snow, the role she has played the longest in the Arrowverse. With the Deathstorm arc concluded, it remains to be seen who will be Team Flash’s next threat. Since there are still 7 more episodes of The Flash season 8, they are going to get to the next big bad sooner rather than later before The Flash season 8 finale, which airs on June 29. Until then, The Flash will deal with Frost’s death in what looks to be a very emotionally charged episode next week.

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