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Arcade Fire Won’t Stop Interrupting Benedict Cumberbatch in ‘SNL’ Promo
Arcade Fire keep interrupting Benedict Cumberbatch in 'SNL' promo video.

If Arcade Fire had a bucket list, this weekend would tick off at least two major items. Not only is their new album, WE, out today (May 6), but they are about to enter some rarified late night air with their fifth appearance on Saturday Night Live. So it stands to reason that the group would be very excited in the traditional promo video for tomorrow’s (May 7) episode.

That might explain why they just could not stop interrupting host Benedict Cumberbatch in the clip, leading to the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness star just kind of giving up. Even before the actor could get his name out, cast member Ego Nwodim busted in to introduce herself, which led to a multitude of subsequent interruptions. “… And I’ll be hosting ‘SNL’ this week…” Cumberbatch said in trying to recover his groove.

“… And I’m Win Butler,” the towering Arcade Fire singer interjected. “You… you are, you’re right,” Cumberbatch stammered. “And I’m Régine Chassagne,” the band’s singer/keyboard player butted in. “Okay, Régine that’s great, we’re just trying to get through this bit here,” Benedict said, growing more exasperated as bassist Tim Kingsbury proceeded to introduce himself.

“We can’t name everyone in the group Tim, so just let me finish this…,” a peeved CB explained. “I’m Richie!” excited multi-instrumentalist Richard Reed Perry said with a wave as Cumberbatch gave up and just walked off stage, followed by the rest of the band and Nwodim. “And I’m Jeremy!” drummer Jeremy Gara said enthusiastically as he stood on stage alone.

Arcade Fire first appeared on SNL in 2007 on a Rainn Wilson-hosted episode. In 2010, they played on a Scarlet Johansson-hosted episode, then returned in 2013 with Tina Fey and 2018 with former cast member Bill Hader. For the record, they also played SNL in 2012, serving as Mick Jagger’s backing band on a few Rolling Stones classics.

Watch the promo below.

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