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Georgia Hassarati Shows Off A Hawaii Sunset In Her Little Bikini
Georgia Hassarati Shows Off A Hawaii Sunset In Her Little Bikini,"Too Hot To Handle" and "Perfect Match" reality star Georgia Hassarati showed off a Hawaii beach sunset in her little bikini!

Georgia Hassarati Shows Off A Hawaii Sunset In Her Little Bikini

Model Georgia Hassarati is turning heads during her latest beach bikini throwback!

The “Too Hot To Handle” season 3 contestant and the season 1 “Perfect Match” winner took to Instagram to show off a few photos that featured her rolling around in the ocean in a little bikini!

Georgia Hassarati Shows Off A Hawaii Sunset On The Beach In Her Little Bikini

Instagram | Georgia Hassarati

In her latest Instagram post, the Netflix reality star shared five steamy photos that featured her posing for the camera in a tiny green halter-top bikini and matching drawstring bottoms. Her long blonde hair falls in beachy waves around her face as she looks up at the camera.

She is sitting on her knees in the shallow water, with both of her hands planted on her upper thighs. She accessorized her look with a few pieces of glittering jewelry, but fans could barely look away from the definition in her toned abs.

Georgia Isn’t Afraid To Give Her Followers A Rear View Of Her Bikini!

Instagram | Georgia Hassarati

In another photograph, fans can see that the sun is starting to set as Georgia turns around and give her followers a rear view of her green thong bikini. Her sunned buns are practically glowing from her sun-kissed tan as loose bits of sand stick to the back of her outer thighs.

She is holding her long blonde hair back out of her face as she turns to face the camera over one shoulder. One arm rests by her side as she smolders for the shot, her glossy pink lips just slightly parted as she smolders for another steamy photograph.

Georgia Hassarati Has Abs For Days In These Bikini Throwback Snaps!

Instagram | Georgia Hassarati

In another shot, the reality star from Brisbane, Australia, is back down on her knees again in the water. Her hands seem to be spread out in the sand in front of her as she covers her knees in the shallow water. She is looking away from the camera with her long hair trailing down over one shoulder.

Georgia tagged Oahu, Hawaii, as the location of these snaps. In the caption, she simply wrote, “Bombastic sunset throwback” alongside a sunset emoji. Her “Perfect Match” and “Too Hot To Handle” season 3 costar Izzy Fairthorne commented, “Obsessed with you” alongside a heart-eye emoji.

Fans Can’t Get Enough Of Georgia’s Hawaii Vacation Photos!

Instagram | Georgia Hassarati

Fans had nothing but love for Georgia’s steamy bikini snaps. “I don’t care what anybody says, she’s gorgeous,” one fan commented. “You… are… STUNNING!!!” another follower exclaimed. “She is breathtakingly beautiful like the only flower in the meadow,” a third fan gushed.

“Literally queen energy,” another follower chimed in. “You are the cutest ever!! I enjoyed both your shows,” another fan shared. “Georgia is the only reason I watched ‘Perfect Match,’” another follower agreed. “That scenery is doing wonders,” another fan wrote while another follower added, “That fit is on point.”

It Looks Like Many Fans Tuned Into ‘Perfect Match’ Just To See Georgia!

Instagram | Georgia Hassarati

“Flawless! You are so beautiful inside and out,” another fan gushed. “Gorgeous, gorgeous girlie,” another follower commented. “My god. Can you be any sexier, Georgia?” another fan asked. “Wow, wow, wow, beautiful girl,” another follower wrote. “Such a stunner,” another fan added.

“Whoever Georgia is going to marry one day is going to be the luckiest man in the world,” another follower teased. “You are so beautiful,” another fan shared. “Gorgeous in body and soul. I have watched ‘Perfect Match’ but only because I saw you were there,” another follower chimed in.

Georgia Hassarati Is Now Dating Harry Jowsey!

Instagram | Georgia Hassarati

Although Georgia won “Perfect Match” with Dom Gabriel from “The Mole,” their long-distance relationship fizzled before they could even redeem their vacation trip prize! Instead, Georgia has since moved on with “Too Hot To Handle” season 1 reality star Harry Jowsey, who was previously engaged to his “Too Hot To Handle” season 1 costar and her “Perfect Match” costar Francesca Farago.

Interested in seeing more of Georgia Hassarati? Fans can’t get enough of the “Too Hot To Handle” hottie! In another recent Instagram post, the Netflix reality star put on another stunning display in a green drawstring bikini in Bali, Indonesia! Fans can check out those steamy snaps by clicking here!