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‘RHOM’ Joanna Krupa’s Husband Files For Divorce
'RHOM' Joanna Krupa's Husband Files For Divorce,Former Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa’s husband Douglas Nunes has filed for divorce. He is requesting no spousal support.

‘RHOM’ Joanna Krupa’s Husband Files For Divorce

Former Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa’s husband Douglas Nunes has filed for divorce. He is asking for no spousal support to be awarded to Krupa.

Joanna Krupa A Single Woman Again


The model’s husband is calling it quits on their marriage of 4.5 years. In the court documents obtained by The Blast, Nunes cites irreconcilable differences as the reason to dissolve the marriage.

In the documents, Nunes is asking for joint custody of the daughter that Asha-Leigh Nunes, 3 whom he shares with Krupa. The businessman lists their date of marriage as July 5, 2018, and claims that they have been separated since January 2, 2023, literally right after the new year began.

Daughter Asha was born just over a year after the couple had been married. The minor makes regular appearances on her mom’s Instagram page and at one point, Nunes did too but most of the pictures of him and Krupa together have vanished.

The only ones hanging around now are the ones with her daughter in them, good choice on the ‘everything but…’ scrub of her IG page.

Joanna Krupa Met Douglas Nunes After ‘RHOM’


The model met Nunes after she exited the now-revived Real Housewives of Miami. In 2011, Krupa was one of the first cast members to star on the Bravo show where she was engaged to another man.

Mint nightclub co-owner Romain Zago. Much of season three was focused on Krupa’s wedding to Zago and keeping the peace between Krupa’s sister Marta Andretti and Zago who just couldn’t get along.


Fans got to see the wedding later that season and also a side of Krupa that many wouldn’t think she had. The model was involved in a few arguments that had her yelling and screaming. One that stands out is the lingerie party that took place at Lisa Hochstein’s home.

Krupa followed behind and berated co-star Adriana de Moura leading the Latina spitfire to turn around and slap Krupa across the face. Krupa was also known for getting really mad at her younger sister and yelling at her a lot. Everything would always turn out fine normally.

Joanna Krupa Divorce #2


As mentioned above, this is Krupa’s second marriage and now second divorce. Her marriage to Zago didn’t last very long and shortly after the RHOM went on hiatus she and Zago split up. Thankfully, no children were involved there and everything was pretty straightforward.

Divorce runs in this family. You may have noticed that Krupa’s sister’s last name is Andretti as in the famous racing family. She was married to and now divorced from Marco Andretti. One of the points of contention between Krupa and her sister was the fact that Marta was not living with Andretti but with Krupa and Zago.


Marta and Andretti were married in 2017 and officially separated in December 2021 just before the new year. Andretti has a new woman in his life and Marta is focused on influencing. Krupa is still modeling and adjusting to being a single mom.

Property for the former couple will be divided up later.