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Kindly Myers In Her Little Bikini Asks ‘Who Loves Golden Hour?’
Kindly Myers In Her Little Bikini Asks ‘Who Loves Golden Hour?’,Former soldier and OnlyFans model Kindly Myers is showing off her little bikini during golden hour in Mexico!

Kindly Myers In Her Little Bikini Asks ‘Who Loves Golden Hour?’

Model Kindly Myers is showing off exactly why “golden hour” lighting matters in her little bikini!

The former soldier has been on vacation in Mexico quite a few times in the past year, and each time, she manages to bring back some fantastic bikini shots to share with her 3.6 million Instagram followers!

Kindly Myers Is Practically Popping Out Of Her Tiny Bikini During ‘Golden Hour’

Instagram | Kindly Myers

In another recent Instagram post, the Army National Reserve veteran posed barefoot on the grass as she put her fit physique on display in golden hour lighting. She brushes her long blonde wavy hair back out of her face as she smolders for the camera, keeping her glossy pink lips just slightly parted.

She is wearing a tan bikini that perfectly captures the golden hour lighting as the sun sets in front of her. Each side of her bikini top features a peace sign covered in glitter. The same glittering peace symbol can also be seen on her tiny bikini bottom as well.

Instagram | Kindly Myers

In another shot, the popular Playboy Playmate poses up against a tree as she stands with one leg bent in front of the other. Her sun-kissed tan is practically glowing in this light as she stands in front of large, green leaves. Even her large “Invictus” tattoo inked along her left flank is clearly visible in these shots.

Kindly tagged Cozumel, Mexico, as the location of these snaps, asking her followers, “Who loves golden hour?” She tagged a variety of accounts for helping pull together this photo shoot, including @igorephoto, @igore_photo, @iamjetonfashion, @jfnextjourney, and @andi_bagus for her stunning bikini.

Fans And Famous Friends Can’t Get Enough Of Kindly’s Golden Hour Bikini Snaps!

Instagram | Kindly Myers

Her photographer, Igore, was one of the first to comment on her post, writing, “Lucky me!!!” alongside several starry-eyed emojis. Self-proclaimed “Professional Internet Breaker” Kayla Moody, who has worked with Kindly several times in the past, wrote “Meee” alongside several red heart emojis.

Even OnlyFans model Courtney Ann, who goes by Texas Thighs, wrote, “You look golden” alongside a heart-eye emoji.  “I love the Golden Girl in the Golden Hour,” one fan gushed. “Stunning,” another follower wrote. “Unbelievable wonderful pictures with a dream woman,” a third fan gushed.

Instagram | Kindly Myers

“Any time seeing very beautiful you is my golden hour (day or night),” another follower chimed in. “Kindly, you look perfect and 100% golden,” another fan shared. “GLOWING,” another follower exclaimed. “You are looking very sexy today!!!” another fan agreed while another follower called her “The perfect stunning beauty.”

One fan even decided to write her a poem, commenting, “You are the inspiration of the poet, The light is filled with your beauty, the universe is warmed by You, There are no people like you in nature.” Fortunately, those weren’t the only bikini snaps Kindly had to share with her followers recently!

Kindly Myers Shows Off Her ‘Resting Beach Face’ In Her Yin Yang Bikini

Instagram | Kindly Myers

Only a few hours later, the popular OnlyFans model followed up her first bikini post with a second one in brighter lighting! This photoshoot features Kindly sitting on the steps in her yin-yang bikini. Her long blonde hair tumbles in loose waves around her shoulders as she reclines back against the railing with her eyes closed.

In the caption, the Nashville-based model wrote, “Resting beach face” and tagged @wannadoo, @iamjetonfashion, and @jfnextjourney for the stunning shots. She also tagged @andi_bagus for this bikini as well.

Instagram | Kindly Myers

The Andi Bagus brand commented on her post, calling her “Phenomenal” while Kayla Moody dropped three fire emojis on these snaps. “A true goddess,” one fan commented. “Love that bikini,” another follower wrote. “So pretty,” a third fan gushed. “Gorgeous and I love that bikini!!” another follower shared.

“You look like a true beauty,” another fan commented. “You look amazing, truly indeed,” another follower chimed in. “Absolute perfect and so beautiful,” another fan gushed. “Always stunning,” another follower wrote. “You look like a dream,” another fan added while another follower called her an “angel.”

Instagram | Kindly Myers

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In another recent Instagram post, the former soldier gave fans a peek inside her bedroom as she posed in lacy white lingerie! Fans can check out those steamy snaps by clicking here!