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Amanda Kloots Join Forces With Sister Anna For Their Book Signing
Amanda Kloots Join Forces With Sister Anna For Their Book Signing,Amanda Kloots joined her younger sister, Anna, for the latter's book signing following the release of her memoir.

Amanda Kloots Join Forces With Sister Anna For Their Book Signing

Amanda Kloots and her sister Anna Kloots are out her giving sister goals!

The television personality joined her younger sister, Anna, for the latter’s book signing following the release of her memoir, “My Magic: A Decade of Travel, Tricks, and Transformation.” The public show of support comes after Amanda got emotional while sharing a heartwarming testimony about her book, “Tell Me Your Dreams.”

Amanda & Anna Are ‘Sister Goals’ For Their Adorable Show Of Support

Anyone who followed Anna’s adventures five years ago would have assumed her life was a fairytale come true. Her social media accounts were littered with images of her and her then-husband’s frequent international travels to glamorous locations.

However, things were not as they seemed, as the former lovebirds’ marriage was crumbling behind the scenes. Years after their divorce, the travel influencer has shared details from the complicated union and her globetrotting life in her new memoir, with the support of her big sister Amanda.

Instagram | Amanda Kloots

“The Talk” co-host kickstarted the process by posting an image of her and the former magician’s assistant posing outside a Barnes & Noble outlet, with each sister holding a hard copy of “My Own Magic.” While the older Kloots donned a red and white striped shirt and blue pants filled with hearts, the other wore a strapless mid-length gown and shiny platform heels.

“It’s PUB DAY!!! Congratulations to my little sister @annakloots for writing her memoir My Own Magic, out today!!! I’m so proud of you, Annie!! This book is years in the making; I’ve watched Anna work tirelessly on each draft. It will inspire you to find your magic so you never feel invisible,” the actress wrote under the pic.

She then uploaded a boomerang that showed them smiling and high-fiving each other as they sat behind copies of their books. This time, Anna opted for a pink dress and matching slippers, and her sister rocked what appeared to be a purple jumpsuit and white sneakers. 

Amanda’s caption, which was simple and sweet, read, “Two sisters. Two authors. One signing. ❤️” As expected, her equally excited fans took to the comments to express themselves, as one gushed, “I mean just the cutest! It has to be so special to do this together! All the congratulations to you both!”

A second netizen commented, “Amazing! What a beautiful journey to share! What a beautiful gift to the world,” a third wrote, “I love this! You girls rock.” “Congratulations to both of you! I read and loved Live Your Life (twice). I cannot wait to read the new book. You and your family inspire [sic] and encourage [sic] me!!” a fourth fan added.

Getting praised is nothing new for Amanda, who recently shared the avalanche of messages she has received since releasing “Tell Me Your Dreams” on April 11. The Blast noted that she took to her Instastories to highlight some of the remarks, including this one that read:

“Great message- and you are lovely, and you do read the messages. How wonderful to know that you are making a difference in the lives of others-especially children!”

Another fan appreciated the “Fit for Christmas” actress for “this gem,” which they claimed birthed an emotional moment between them and their daughter. In the sender’s words:

“My daughter read your book today while I did her hair for ballet and was so excited to think about her dreams tonight. She said GG (my gram) would pick her up and take her to ice cream land. I can’t wait to hear how it went.”

Amanda Applauded After Sharing Inspiration Behind Her Children’s Book

Last month, Amanda opened up about why she decided to write and release the hit children’s book during an episode of “The Talk.” As reported by The Blast, she had told the daytime show’s on-set audience:

“It’s really hard sometimes for adults to talk to children about death and how to incorporate it. It’s really a tough subject; you don’t know how to do it.”

She then disclosed her realization that the book would be “a great way for parents to incorporate those that they’ve lost in their family, be it a sibling, parent, or grandparent or a friend to help their children” after she finished writing it.

“Like ‘you know what, this person is gone, but let’s pretend that they get to visit you in your dreams and you get to go on adventures that only you get to go on with these people,'” the “Bullets Over Broadway” star explained further. The sentiment resonated with the audience as they applauded her for it.