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Jane Fonda Claims French Director Asked To Sleep With Her To See What Her ‘Orgasms Were Like’
Jane Fonda Claims French Director Asked To Sleep With Her To See What Her 'Orgasms Were Like',Hollywood icon Jane Fonda claimed that a French director propositioned her while filming the 1964 movie "Joy House."

Jane Fonda Claims French Director Asked To Sleep With Her To See What Her ‘Orgasms Were Like’

In a recent “What Happens Live” interview, Jane Fonda claimed that French director René Clément propositioned her while filming the 1964 movie “Joy House.”

The director allegedly did so to try and learn what the actress’s “orgasms were like.” In another interview, Fonda described her experiences working with the late Katharine Hepburn on the set of “On Golden Pond” as intimidating.

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Jane Fonda Reveals Why A French Director Wanted To Sleep With Her


During an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” to promote her latest film, “Book Club: The Next Chapter,” legendary actress Jane Fonda shared an intriguing story from her remarkable six-decade-long career as a Hollywood star.

When asked by host Andy Cohen if there was a man in Hollywood whom she had turned down, Fonda promptly named French director René Clément.

Reflecting on her work on Clément’s 1964 thriller “Joy House,” where she starred alongside Alain Delon, Lola Albright, and André Oumansky, Fonda disclosed that the director made an audacious proposal to her to have sex with him.


According to the Oscar winner, Clément claimed that it was necessary for the authenticity of a specific scene in the film. “He wanted to go to bed with me because he said the character had to have an orgasm in the movie, and he needed to see what my orgasms were like,” she explained.

At the time, Fonda was 27, while Clément was 51, so there was a significant age difference between the two. Cohen was taken aback by the revelation, prompting Fonda to playfully tease that there were more intriguing stories she could share. “I have stories for you, kid, but we don’t have time,” she quipped.

Jane Fonda Shares An Intimate Moment With Micheal Jackson

Fonda also shared a captivating story about the late Michael Jackson during the chat. Engaging in a round of “Plead the Fifth,” Fonda recounted a memorable encounter with Jackson while filming “On Golden Pond” in 1980 when the pop icon was just 22 years old.

The “Barbarella” actress fondly recalled, “He came and visited me when we were shooting ‘On Golden Pond,’ I had a little cottage right on the lake, and it was a beautiful, moonlit night.” When Cohen asked if it was her idea to go late-night “skinny-dipping,” Fonda quickly clarified, stating, “No, he did!”

The iconic actress mentioned that Jackson seemed aware of his mortality, alluding to his untimely passing in 2009 at 50. Respecting the sensitivity of the subject and Jackson’s legacy, Cohen gracefully avoided delving further into the details, saying, “I’m not going to ask anything else about it because I want to be respectful of Michael.”

Jane Fonda Describes Katharine Hepburn As The ‘Top Dog’


During an interview with AARP magazine, Fonda discussed her experiences working alongside the legendary Katharine Hepburn on the set of the acclaimed 1981 drama “On Golden Pond.”

Fonda revealed that Hepburn’s presence was nothing short of intimidating, as the iconic actress exuded a commanding aura throughout the filming process. “My God. When we made ‘On Golden Pond,’ she made sure that she was always top dog and that I knew it,” she recalled, per Insider.

In contrast to Hepburn’s formidable presence, the “Grace and Frankie” star shared her approach to fostering a welcoming atmosphere among her fellow actors. “I think my co-stars will tell you that I try to do the opposite and make people feel comfortable,” Fonda said.

Jane Fonda Gifts Drew Barrymore Vibrant Blue Vibrator

During a memorable “The Drew Barrymore Show appearance,” Fonda again showcased her penchant for surprising and humorous moments. Joined by Lily Tomlin, the close friends decided to have a naughty surprise in store for the talk show host, Drew Barrymore.

Barrymore had asked Fonda about her relaxation techniques, mentioning rumors of an “adult toy” being involved. For a brief moment, Fonda looked shocked, but her co-star Tomlin playfully confirmed the speculations, saying, “Oh, there is.”

The “Monster-in-Law” star teased Barrymore, hinting at the contents of her dresser drawer, saying, “There’s my bed, there’s my dresser. And in the top dresser drawer, you would freak out if you saw what’s in there.”

When Barrymore playfully said she needed some “help,” Fonda unveiled a vibrant blue vibrator, explaining, “Especially for you, I have an adult toy.” In response, Barrymore pretended to use the device as a phone to amuse the audience.