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People Are Sharing The Actors Who Played Villains So Well, They Can’t Ever Look At Them The Same Way Again
People Are Sharing The Actors Who Played Villains So Well, They Can't Ever Look At Them The Same Way Again,Turns out you *can* be too good at your job.

People Are Sharing The Actors Who Played Villains So Well, They Can’t Ever Look At Them The Same Way Again

Ah, villains – the best part of any movie or TV show, if you ask me. And IMO, the more evil the better, right?


Well, it might be fun to watch, but sometimes it seems actors do *too* good of a job. Recently, Twitter user @_EricLamarBeatz asked which celebs played their role so well you dislike them IRL – here are our fave answers!

What celebrity played their role so well that you dislike them in real life?

— Hennessey James (@_EricLamarBeatz) May 15, 2023

1. Jake Lacy as Shane in The White Lotus

When I see him it’s on sight https://t.co/6RbtD7G4k4 pic.twitter.com/briiJTIjO7

— Nick ♈ (@_NickyThomas) May 18, 2023

2. And Jon Gries as Greg in – you guessed it – The White Lotus

I’m throwing him off a boat https://t.co/vYfujwQdhg pic.twitter.com/Oo8fs1NH3A

— alleged homosexual (@dozygay) May 18, 2023

3. Adolph Caesar as Sergeant Waters in A Soldier’s Story

This same question gets asked twice a month on here… but my answer will always be Adolph Caesar in “A Soldier’s Story” https://t.co/poiJcc8zwi pic.twitter.com/4TZ5ms5cfc

— The Kumite.. it’s really, real (@Lizzs_Lockeroom) May 16, 2023

4. Stanley Tucci as George Harvey in The Lovely Bones

Everyone loves Stanley Tucci but I just can’t https://t.co/IGbuItTb0L pic.twitter.com/KOLT0whU8F

— 𝒶 𝓋𝑒𝓇 𝒶 𝓋𝑒𝓇 (@pinchemom) May 16, 2023

5. Imelda Staunton as Dolores Umbridge in the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

There is only one answer https://t.co/hHPTBgykr3 pic.twitter.com/E59PPqfd7h

— huntley (@huntleycowart) May 19, 2023

6. Heike Makatsch as Mia in Love Actually

This tart…I swear to god 🤬 https://t.co/WACJO5and1 pic.twitter.com/lrhfdMt7Zf

— Joel Lambert (@Joellambert) May 19, 2023

7. Pam Ferris as Miss Trunchbull in Matilda

Whoever played Miss Trunchbull https://t.co/iC7OmpwiEZ pic.twitter.com/pLUyFtPRRW

— Joni Nemeth (@JoniLNemeth) May 19, 2023

8. Samantha Sloyan as Penelope Blake in Grey’s Anatomy

she might as well have killed *my* husband tbqh https://t.co/PTpAiGYQ4J pic.twitter.com/cBw7cu5mU0

— 🧁Andy (@cupcakeandy) May 19, 2023

9. Paul Johansson as Dan Scott in One Tree Hill

the HATE i have for this man. one tree hill fans please come throughhh https://t.co/rYRPqrlKVP pic.twitter.com/eOGDDTO5Fo

— sydney 🤎 (@shephsmulti) May 19, 2023

10. Jacob Elordi as Nate in Euphoria

It’s not even a contest for me. like i’m so sorry but it’s on sight https://t.co/eeZCbeTrYC pic.twitter.com/aKjVMDenwB

— Honey_Melon 🏳️‍🌈🍈 (@honey_melon_xo) May 19, 2023

11. Chris Perfetti as Brady in Looking

he may be abbot elementary gay now but i’ll always hate him bc of his looking character unfortunately https://t.co/oZJDUXEYWz pic.twitter.com/z8jEs599XX

— alex vocal athlete (@_AHuff) May 18, 2023

12. Steve Harris as Charles McCarter in Diary of a Mad Black Woman

It was his ass, but I’m glad Helen got her revenge on him in this scene https://t.co/ieXtn8r27Y pic.twitter.com/qVUmzycVdN

— ⚜️𝐀𝐒𝐒𝘉𝘢𝘯𝘥𝘪𝘵⚜️ (@abandit__) May 18, 2023

13. Matthew Macfayden as Tom Wambsgans in Succession

https://t.co/SZMqBYdmHb pic.twitter.com/p18yruwFC6

— It Within the Hole (@MimirSinCabeza) May 18, 2023

14. And now, for the Game of Thrones villains. Firstly, there was Jack Gleeson as King Joffrey…

https://t.co/Z2URydNIJN pic.twitter.com/zoICsGU0Ls

— ME (@Mike_EZ7) May 15, 2023

15. …then, Iwan Rheon as Ramsay Bolton…

MF made Joffrey look like a humanitarian https://t.co/19pYu5KNpq pic.twitter.com/h6BEedExdN

— T⚡️ (@TonisBonilla) May 16, 2023

16. …and finally, Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister

https://t.co/AWgF8QyOSI pic.twitter.com/W5tUmF31U1

— HOUSE OF TEA ☕️ (@camrynzamarripa) May 18, 2023

17. Freddie Highmore as Norman Bates in Bates Motel

norman bates 😭 https://t.co/DV6fmcpNX2 pic.twitter.com/A1eS79IFdK

— bass babe lex💀 (@lexecuteurself) May 16, 2023

18. John Lithgow as Arthur Mitchell in Dexter

https://t.co/T5yfpSIM3M pic.twitter.com/GztGHtOv2y

— MILF (@SomeCatGirl) May 17, 2023

19. Micheal Rapaport as Remy in Higher Learning

And his dumb a$$ https://t.co/FL3SfgEfG5 pic.twitter.com/8QEAZvPjFu

— Petty Shabazz (@stahhr) May 16, 2023

20. David Tennant as Kilgrave in Jessica Jones

Este hdspm https://t.co/tS2rYDkWEq pic.twitter.com/LLnXI5Ym1D

— Juls 🦊 (@JulianSnchz95) May 18, 2023

21. Marcia Gay Harden as Mrs Carmody in The Mist

https://t.co/dISWX5eal9 pic.twitter.com/4uKJc0luev

— Matt (@brightloud) May 16, 2023

22. Bookeem Woodbine in, well, anything apparently

Any movie https://t.co/80BVpGnnyV pic.twitter.com/ULfklNBqwx

— Rebel Without A Pause (Pause) (@IamGregordeee) May 16, 2023

23. Micheal Emerson as Benjamin Linus in Lost

I wouldn’t say that I dislike him but if I boarded a plane and he was sitting next to me I’d get on a different flight lmao https://t.co/IViNmKKM5o pic.twitter.com/XIQVjIh9st

— tobias 🌱 (@tobiasly) May 16, 2023

24. Woody McClain as Cane in Power Book II: Ghost

https://t.co/0560s8yiKq pic.twitter.com/XFV8TeUECl

— ♒🚛💨 (@GeorgiaAquarius) May 15, 2023

25. Micheal Rainey Jr. as Tariq St. Patrick, also in Power Book II: Ghost

https://t.co/w11pkOPdNg pic.twitter.com/fxnraZBd9K

— Mr. Wholesomething (@footballguy82) May 15, 2023

Do you agree with everyone’s choices, or think there were some *true* villains missing? Let us know in the comments below!

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