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Chloe Veitch Hits The Pool In Her Little Red Bikini
Chloe Veitch Hits The Pool In Her Little Red Bikini,"Too Hot To Handle", "Perfect Match", and "The Circle" reality star Chloe Veitch is having a blast in the pool in her red bikini!

Chloe Veitch Hits The Pool In Her Little Red Bikini

Model Chloe Veitch is having a blast in the pool in her little red bikini!

The Netflix reality star has appeared on “Too Hot To Handle,” “The Circle,” and “Perfect Match,” and has acquired thousands of adoring fans as a result!

Chloe Veitch Gets Wet In The Pool In Her Little Red Bikini

Instagram | Chloe Veitch

In her latest Instagram post, the season 1 “Too Hot To Handle” contestant shared a photo that featured her floating in the pool in a red bikini. The straps of her halter top are crisis crossed around her neck, while the drawstrings tied around her waist can be seen floating underneath the crystal clear water.

It looks like it’s a pretty crowded day at the pool, but Chloe seems to be the only one in the water as she smiles for the shot. Her long brown hair flows freely around her shoulders as she floats with her hands held out at each side of her body. Fortunately, that wasn’t the only bikini snap that Chloe shared!

Chloe Puts On A Steamy Display At The Beach In Her Striped Green Bikini

Instagram | Chloe Veitch

In another photo, “The Circle” reality star shared a sultry shot that featured her posing on the beach as she stood in the water. Her tattoos are on full display as she gives fans a clear look at her body, which is wrapped up in a striped green bikini. Chloe’s hair looks damp and falls in loose waves around her shoulders.

Chloe is holding one hand up beside her face as she smiles, looking directly into the camera. In a previous Instagram post, Chloe admitted that she is “finally” gaining weight and is “happy” to be able to do so. Although season 2 “Too Hot To Handle” reality star Emily Faye Miller commented, “Stunnnn, hun,” many of the comments seemed to be about her weight.

Fans Have A Lot To Say About Chloe’s New Size

Instagram | Chloe Veitch

Many of the comments pertained to her weight, with most fans being supportive. “Most definitely put on weight, but looking so good. Put on that good weight,” one fan commented. “That’s what she’s been trying to do is gain healthy weight,” another follower wrote. “Why are we talking about this? She’s beautiful, period! No more weight talk, bad or good,” another fan asked. “Cause Chloe wanted to put on weight for years and now has,” another follower replied.

Other followers had nothing but praise for Chloe’s new snaps. “Girl, you’re so gorgeous,” one fan gushed. “Girl, you are glowing,” another follower wrote. “The most beautiful,” a third fan chimed in. “Pretty and beautiful,” another follower agreed. “Gorgeous as always,” another fan commented. “Flawless,” another fan shared. “All you do is slay,” another follower added.

Chloe Veitch Steps Out In A Backless Dress

Instagram | Chloe Veitch

In another recent Instagram post, the “Perfect Match” reality star put on a steamy display as she posed inside of a car in her black backless dress. There were only two front panels that fell down the front of her dress, making it clear that she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath the draping material. It’s hard to make out the cut of the fabric from inside the car, but she did turn around to show off the back of the dress.

In a second snap, Chloe pulled her long dark hair over her shoulder so that she could show off the black tattoo that she has inked along the back of her spine. It’s dark outside, and the rest of her black dress fades into the background of the car. In the caption, Chloe dropped a single black heart emoji.

Chloe Shares What Her Back Tattoo Says

Instagram | Chloe Veitch

“What does that tattoo say? Family is everything…? One fan asked. “See you in another life,” Chloe replied. Her “Perfect Match” costar Joey Sasso commented, “Love you Chlo,” to which Chloe responded, “Love you Joey” along with a red heart emoji. “Hi, Babe!! You are gorgeous! Someone has to give you a show! Your heart and personality are stellar!” another follower shared, to which Chloe replied, “This is a beautiful comment!! Thank you” alongside another red heart emoji.

Another fan called the snap “The only pic in my feed that made me stop scrolling.” Chloe responded, “This comment wins.” Model Natasha Galkina commented, “Wow, I’m in love,” prompting Chloe to reply, “Thanks, baby!” Another follower called her “the one and only” while another fan exclaimed, “WOW.” Another follower shared, “Enjoy yourself lady you deserve it! Gorgeous.”

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