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People Are Sharing The TV Series That Will “Forever Be Their Comfort Show,” And I’m Definitely Gonna Check These Out
People Are Sharing The TV Series That Will "Forever Be Their Comfort Show," And I'm Definitely Gonna Check These Out,"<i>Golden Girls</i> is so timeless. And they tackled so many hot-button issues with such grace and humor. Ahead of their time."

People Are Sharing The TV Series That Will “Forever Be Their Comfort Show,” And I’m Definitely Gonna Check These Out

Recently, Reddit user u/finleyjx posed the question, “What show is forever going to be your comfort show?” And there were so many lovely responses! Here are some of the top-voted answers:

1. Parks and Rec

Comedy Central / Via youtube.com”One of the main reasons I love Futurama is, unlike Family Guy and even The Simpsons, heartwarming moments actually feel heartwarming and not like a set-up to another stupid joke. It cuts the humor in just the right way as to make it more enjoyable. Plus, it scratches that sci-fi itch that not a lot of other shows can do comedically.”


3. Community

Colleen Hayes / NBC / courtesy Everett Collection

“All of the shows I’ve watched that are great are mostly un-rewatchable. But Community is the one where any episode I watch is something I know I will enjoy all throughout.”


“This show has reached Seinfeld/Simpsons status for me. Especially for comfort-watching.”


4. Malcolm in the Middle

Larry Watson / TV Guide /  Fox Network / Courtesy Everett Collection

“This is a good one. At first, it was just something to watch while I waited for The Simpsons to come on, but I ended up really loving it. It’s probably the best representation of growing up in ’90s middle-class suburbia ever made.”


5. The Office

Ron Tom / NBC / courtesy everett collection

“Just recently discovered the superfan episodes on Peacock, and it’s like a whole new show for me. In total, I’ve probably watched start to end no less than 10 times so far.”


6. Psych

Alan Zenuk /  USA Network / Courtesy: Everett Collection

“This is my top choice. I do have others that I rewatch as well, but Psych will always be my go-to.”


7. Golden Girls

Alice S. Hall / Touchstone Television / courtesy Everett Collection

“So timeless. And they tackled so many hot-button issues with such grace and humor. Ahead of their time.”


“It used to be comforting because it reminded me of watching it so many times with my grandma as a kid. Going back and watching it now as an adult, it is truly one of the funniest shows ever. The writing, the acting, the timing, and it still has heart. I appreciate it on a whole new level.”


8. The Good Place

Justin Lubin / NBC / courtesy Everett Collection

“I watched it countless times. Got me through the lowest point of my life so far. Every time I rewatch it, I can still feel the warm, soothing feeling.”


9. Bob’s Burgers

Fox / Courtesy Everett Collection

“Best one! I love the family dynamics and that they do not own a massive house and aren’t rich. They manage their restaurant and live without luxuries but still have great adventures, and they support and accept their children as they are.”


10. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

John P. Fleenor/ Fox / courtesy Everett Collection

“It’s extremely funny, but it manages to make a point every now and then, too. Highly, highly recommend!”


“A show that has something for everyone. Nothing will ever put a larger smile on my face than how Terry interacts with and thinks about the well-being of his daughters. Jake and Amy are relationship goals. So are Holt and Kevin.”


11. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Richard Cartwright / 20th Century Fox Film Corp / courtesy Everett Collection

“I rewatch this every few years. Really feels like sitting down with old friends you haven’t spoken to in a few years, and then you wonder why you ever stopped.”


12. Schitt’s Creek

Steve Wilkie / CBC / courtesy Everett Collection

“It’s the perfect length for rewatching endlessly.”


“And it also tells a complete story with a satisfying conclusion for every character.”


13. New Girl

Ray Mickshaw/ Fox / courtesy Everett Collection

“I have watched this three times, and I pick up things I missed each time. I also laugh out loud. I love this show.”


“The most underrated show ever!”


14. M*A*S*H

20th Century Fox Television / Courtesy Everett Collection

“Reminds me of a different time in America in many ways. Not only for the storylines, however corny and ham-fisted some might have been, but also for the fact that the finale was viewed by almost half of Americans — the kind of communal experience that you just don’t get anymore.”


“It’s my wife’s and my favorite show, and we fall asleep to it almost every night. Even though it’s 50 years old, young people have found it on Hulu. The characters are phenomenal, so even the clunky episodes are mostly rewatchable. It’s incredibly witty and funny (thanks, Larry Gelbart) while often being poignant.”


15. Modern Family

Peter ‘Hopper’ Stone / ABC / Courtesy: Everett Collection

“I slept on Modern Family for too long. Current favorite.”


“Got my partner into it! I grew up watching it, so to rewatch it with him now is like visiting my (TV) family.”


16. Star Trek: The Next Generation

Robbie Robinson / Paramount Television/ Courtesy Everett Collection

“Something Star Trek has that no other show has: consistent brown noise. The low hum sound of the ship is legit scientifically relaxing. Plus, it’s all philosophical and shit, too.”


“It’s amazing that a show with such deep characters and themes can be considered a ‘comfort’ show, but I wholeheartedly agree. Even in emotional episodes, there is just a giant feeling of warmth and happiness to TNG. It truly changed my life and how I look at things.”


17. And finally, my personal favorite: Avatar: The Last Airbender

Nickelodeon / Via youtube.com

“For a children’s show, the themes are incredibly deep. Never fails to keep me invested.”


“YES!! I love all the characters, and the story is such a big life lesson.”


“Iroh is the most likable character ever. Zuko has the best redemption arc in media. Fight me.”


What’s your favorite comfort show? Lmk in the comments below!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.