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People Are Sharing The Weirdest Movies From Their Childhood, And Honestly, I Can’t Believe Half Of These Are Real
People Are Sharing The Weirdest Movies From Their Childhood, And Honestly, I Can't Believe Half Of These Are Real,If you grew up before the luxury of streaming; this one's for you!

People Are Sharing The Weirdest Movies From Their Childhood, And Honestly, I Can’t Believe Half Of These Are Real

If you’re old enough to remember a time before streaming, you’ll also remember that movie nights looked very different.

Indican Pictures”Nobody talks about it!”


Columbia Pictures

“Check it out for some true weirdness.”


“It’s a definite fever dream. My mom got it for us from school because it’s a Dr Seuss film. Honestly, it creeped us all out. I’ve been looking for it ever since.”


Nordisk Film

“I only remember two things about it. Two little whales searching for Moby Dick, and whales holding their breath to swim under an oil spill, but one couldn’t hold it anymore and died.”


“Really highlighted the dark side of dumping into our oceans and the darkness that hides!”


Columbia Pictures

“Anyone remember this? The flying skeleton things (?) gave me nightmares as a kid.”


“Great movie. Very weird.”


20th Century Fox

“I’m still scared of semi trucks because of the poison gas that almost killed that baby skunk.”


“A bunch of forest animal kids have to travel to find a flower needed to make medicine for their friend after she was poisoned by toxic human gas. I have it on DVD lol.”


Warner Bros.

“It was a frequent watch for me as a kid, but I remember feeling quite disturbed at some darker scenes.”



“That children’s movie was wild.”


Beyond International / Yoram Gross Films

“I loved it as a kid even though it was super weird.”


New World Pictures

“It’s a French animated film from the ’70s and it is WILD. They have the French version on HBO MAX, and it’s still so weird that I tell everyone to at least check it out once.”


“It was pretty weird too but I remember being obsessed with it as a kid.”


First National Film Corp.

“It was a Snow White sequel that wasn’t released by Disney and it was weird AF. Totally gave me weird feelings watching it as a kid, but I also couldn’t stop watching it.”


Warner Bros.

“That film fucked me up, I still can’t watch it!”


Cinema International Corporation / Nepenthe Films



“It should never have been a kids’ movie, but we ’80s kids watched it.”


20th Century-Fox / ITT Inc.

“Yes hello, I would like to nominate this, specifically the taffy monster!!”


Filmfair Communications

“Does anyone remember this? A girl travels through a mirror to Huggaland to try to find a way to keep her grandmother young. There were dolls in it.”


Sony Pictures Releasing

“Still find it bizarre that a human family choose to adopt a mouse rather than a kid from an orphanage 🤷🏼‍♀️😂”


“Or even both! Those rich bitches could afford to feed an orphan and a mouse at the same time.”


Rank Film Distributors

“Does anyone else remember this? It was basically a James Bond type who was transformed into a frog by his aunt when he was a kid, and he had powers like telekinesis and being able to fly. It’s such a weird film yet I remember almost nothing from it, except that he met the Loch Ness Monster near the beginning.”


Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

“Wtf was that.”


“This was weird AF! It was like a sci-fi Muppet movie.”


Questar Entertainmen / PBS

“I think it came out in the ’80s, but I rented it from the library on VHS in the early 2000s. It’s about this lonely middle-aged woman who unexpectedly has a canned (yes, he’s sealed in basically a giant soup can) perfect child delivered to her door by mistake. She bonds with the child and grows to love him, but the people who made him are trying to take him back. It’s so weird and absurd, but I loved it! I’ve found it on YouTube and have watched it since. Even weirder as an adult.”


Cine Group / France 3 / Marathon

“It’s an animated film based on a Chinese folk tale. It follows a pair of siblings and their grandma who, for some reason (and without any explanation), whisks the kids away from the ’90s to ancient China. They then have to track down two brothers who stole a necklace from a corpse, while the person’s ghost haunts the two brothers. This movie is such a fever dream and gets pretty scary sometimes, but we watched it constantly as kids.”


There’s no trailer for this one, but you can watch the entire movie on YouTube if you fancy it.

Pethurst International Ltd. / The Samuel Goldwyn Company

“No one I know except my sister and I remember this movie. There was a little boy who was a chimney sweep and he falls into a river and is transported to a magical underwater world. Now as an adult, I’m pretty sure that the little boy drowned.”



“It terrified me.”


“I’m so glad someone else knows about this! Her rocking in the chair while she was ‘charging’ was creepy as shit.”


Universal Pictures

“Me and my sister could watch it over and over but I only have the vaguest memories of it being so strange. Also, I Googled it and my younger self was somehow convinced Martin Short was Carrot Top…”


Majestic Films

“Please tell me I wasn’t the only one who watched this. I don’t know how I watched it as a kid at my aunt’s house, considering there are three different versions, and it was unfinished apparently. That movie was definitely a fever dream.”


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What’s the weirdest kids’ movie you watched as a child? Let us know in the comments!