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This Post Is For Anyone Who Is Absolutely In Their Feelings Over Kitty And Yuri From Netflix’s “XO, Kitty”
This Post Is For Anyone Who Is Absolutely In Their Feelings Over Kitty And Yuri From Netflix's "XO, Kitty",I just really need to talk about Anna Cathcart and Gia Kim's adorable chemistry on <i>XO, Kitty</i>.

This Post Is For Anyone Who Is Absolutely In Their Feelings Over Kitty And Yuri From Netflix’s “XO, Kitty”

🚨There are obviously BIG spoilers ahead for XO, Kitty!🚨

XO, Kitty is the newest Netflix show that I’m really enjoying. I always love a good Jenny Han romance, and man, did this show deliver in multiple ways — so much so that it has already wracked up 72 million hours viewed in its first week.

Park Young-Sol / Netflix

The show is just a feel-good high school TV series with a great up-and-coming cast, one of the best soundtracks ever, and so many ship-worthy romances.


While XO, Kitty is presented as a show about Kitty and Dae’s romance, so much more happens. Kitty legit has several amazing love interests, and honestly, good for her.


First, we’ve got Kitty and Dae, who are so sweet and cute, and just very “first love” coded.


Then, there’s Kitty and Min Ho (Sang Heon Lee), and I’m personally a sucker for a character who is presented as the “bad guy” going through a redemption arc and finding love.


I mean, I would die for Nathan Scott from One Tree Hill, so…

But one of the biggest surprises for me came in Episode 6, when Kitty starts to realize she has feelings for Yuri (Gia Kim). What ensues the rest of the season is Kitty coming to terms with the fact that she might be bisexual, pansexual, or fluid because she can’t deny what she feels for Yuri.

Park Young-Sol / Netflix

Like, I love that XO, Kitty went this direction with Kitty. It was something I always thought would be fun to explore with her character, but I didn’t know if it would really happen.

Park Young-Sol / Netflix

The chemistry between Anna and Gia is also *chef’s kiss* perfect, like during this dream moment Kitty has when she first realizes she might like Yuri.


And then, don’t even get me started on this complex moment when Kitty reconnects Yuri and her girlfriend Juliana (Regan Aliyah) but realizes she is jealous. The yearning. The tension. Obsessed.


Speaking about playing Yuri, Gia told Teen Vogue how “uncommon” it is to see LGBTQ+ characters and storylines taking center stage in shows.

Steve Granitz / FilmMagic / Getty Images

“What I want younger audiences and viewers to take away the most is the courage to speak their truth and shine their own light without worrying about what other people think,” Gia said. “Everyone, no matter how old you are, can relate to XO, Kitty because it is about the universal experience of wanting to feel connected, wanting to be heard and seen, wanting to be me, and wanting to love and be loved.”

Steve Granitz / FilmMagic / Getty Images

Meanwhile, Anna discussed how important Kitty’s coming out moment was between Kitty and her dad, saying, “It makes me really happy to be able to portray that type of storyline.”


She continued, saying, “It just shows you how much love there is in that family and how amazing that is for Kitty. That’s not the experience that a lot of people have in real life, and she’s very lucky to have had that.”

Park Young-Sol / Netflix

And, in case you’re wondering, author and creator Jenny Han confirmed in a comment on TikTok that “Kitty being bi is canon and was always where the story was going.”

Jenny Han / Instagram / Via instagram.com

So, if you’re someone who watched XO, Kitty and also love Kitty and Yuri’s chemistry and potential romance, these reactions below are for you:

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the genre is kitty looking at yuri like she’s the only person in the world.— #XOKitty pic.twitter.com/WtyKbUZT7v

— xo, nikki (@rojasroadie) May 19, [email protected] / Park Young-Sol / Netflix / Via Twitter: @rojasroadie

HOLD ON pic.twitter.com/y5YolpSwzA

— lola (@odairhee) May 18, [email protected] / Netflix / Via Twitter: @odairhee

BOOM pic.twitter.com/3BjrUNuGT3

— delusional logan (@X0KYURI) May 22, [email protected] / Netflix / Via Twitter: @X0KYURI

this IS how you do a love triangle now renew the show and give me kitty yuri endgame #xokitty pic.twitter.com/NNExpc2r7K

— jules (@ninasrvas) May 18, [email protected] / Via Twitter: @ninasrvas

“yuri deserves all the happiness in the world just like me and dae, everything is as it should be. then why does it feel like my stomach is being ripped out?” KITTY GIRL I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE pic.twitter.com/z5Rn7X8Cj5

— appy 🪐 (@sooyashosie) May 19, 20[email protected] / Universal Pictures / Via Twitter: @sooyashosie

kitty and yuri serving rivals to friends to lovers, yeah i’m gonna need them to be endgame #XOKitty pic.twitter.com/Xxaecfr5yu

— َ (@Iawolfes) May 19, [email protected] / Netflix / Via Twitter: @Iawolfes

kitty and yuri are rooming together at camp… pic.twitter.com/mYnjpNw4fA

— ☁️ (@cheriesarchive) May 18, [email protected] / Universal Pictures / Via Twitter: @cheriesarchive

kitty’s feelings for yuri being one-sided is probably the most sapphic thing ever like we know in some way we’ve all been there before pic.twitter.com/FLJUTKja0j

— xo ashley (@sapphicpov) May 19, [email protected] / Via Twitter: @sapphicpov

this is so 😭 pic.twitter.com/PZZurot73N

— xo kitty spoilers (@reply88s) May 23, [email protected] / Netflix / Via Twitter: @reply88s

a father had never fathered this hard before pic.twitter.com/tdsRiFRDWO

— kituri pr manager (@wilheImsimon) May 22, [email protected] / Netflix / Via Twitter: @wilheImsimon

Yeah minho is fine af but damn can we talk about how good yuri and kitty look together. Like the potential is right there!!#XOKitty pic.twitter.com/7N750KkCWS

— mehek ✨️ (@doubleuwhore2) May 18, [email protected] / Netflix / Via Twitter: @doubleuwhore2

i dunno know for you, but i personally love this contrast between kitty and yuri. these gays literally somewhat connected just right after their “bet” 😭😭 i love them pic.twitter.com/9ESMWf4bX0

— ches | kitty x yuri era (@verysapphicc) May 23, [email protected] / Netflix / Via Twitter: @verysapphicc

THIS WAS SO??? pic.twitter.com/oNOv6YAOX9

— delusional logan (@X0KYURI) May 21, [email protected] / Netflix / Via Twitter: @X0KYURI

best straightbait of all time competition.. who’s winning pic.twitter.com/2mmCN3h1Qo

— em. yj spoilers (@bryantsbitch) May 19, [email protected] / Netflix / Via Twitter: @bryantsbitch

And finally, here’s the cast reacting to the Yuri and Kitty dream because it’s just so good:

“This is who Kitty wants to be. That’s who you are in your dreams.” The cast of XO, Kitty cast reacts to Kitty’s dream about Yuri pic.twitter.com/ukn0naMiLu

— Netflix (@netflix) May 23, 2023Netflix / Via Twitter: @netflix

What did you think of XO, Kitty on Netflix? Tell us in the comments below!

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