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Aoki Lee Simmons Is A Harvard Grad!
Aoki Lee Simmons Is A Harvard Grad!,Aoki Lee Simmons, model and daughter of Kimora Lee Simmons and Russell Simmons, is officially a Harvard University graduate.

Aoki Lee Simmons Is A Harvard Grad!

Aoki Lee Simmons is officially a Harvard University graduate!

On Thursday, the daughter of Kimora Lee Simmons and Russell Simmons graduated from Harvard University with a degree in classics and government.

Aoki Lee Simmons Is Ready For The Next Chapter!

Aoki Lee Simmons – Instagram

The model, 20, is ready for to her next exciting chapter.

“I feel grateful, proud, and relieved – in that order,” she told PEOPLE. “It’s a surreal feeling to be done with something that was such a huge part of my life. Now, like every other graduate, I’m on to the next chapter.”

She continued explaining that she was grateful to everyone who helped her. 

“I’m so thankful for the village of people that spurred me along and helped keep me focused,” she said. “My mom, my sister, my little brothers back at home. It took a whole tribe, trust me.” 

Aoki Lee Simmons – Instagram

As for that next chapter, Aoki Lee already has plans she’s excited about.

“I’ll be in New York modeling, writing, and working at my mom’s company,” she told PEOPLE. “There are so many projects that I can’t wait to dive into. But it will be nice to take a breath.”

Aoki Lee shared some Instagram Stories documenting her big day and did a short Instagram Live as she was getting ready for graduation so her followers could be a part of the experience. 


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Two weeks ago, Aoki Lee shared an Instagram post captioned, “Toodles” to signify the end of her school days. Tons of congratulatory messages filled the comment section of the post. 

“Congrats on the BA ?! Seeing how hard you work on your education and career is amazing! A lot of us could do with that work ethic,” one of her followers wrote in the comments.

“Yessss, congrats, lovely! Job well done?❤️ take a moment, baby, you deserve it?,” wrote another.

Aoki Lee Simmons – Instagram

Mom Kimora Lee, Baby Phat founder, wants Aoki Lee to keep going the way she has regarding her passion. She also has big aspirations for her daughter.

“I want Aoki Lee to keep the energy and passion she’s shown her entire life. It’s nice to have a Harvard grad in the family, but it might be nice to have an attorney, too,” she told PEOPLE.

“I’ve promised myself I’ll wait at least a week before gently nudging her in that direction, though.”

Aoki Lee Simmons Shared A Lot Of Her College Experience On Social Media


The model and Harvard grad have shared many of her college experiences on social media. She recently opened up about her struggle with ADHD and an autoimmune disorder and shared tips for her followers on things that have helped her along the way.

“People do tell me I am decently accomplished for my age. But I do not have the personality of an accomplished person; I’m a huge procrastinator, I have ADHD, I consider myself rather lazy, I get bored easily,” she said in a TikTok video. “However, I got into Harvard at 16, I’m graduating early, and I have two full time jobs.” 

Aoki Lee Simmons – TikTok

She told her followers she’d found a few ways to help her get things done.

“The simplest tip I have is I pick the one thing I want to do the least and the reward I want the most out of the day,” she explained.

“Usually, it’s like the science or the math things that I have, like a coding assignment, and I also was looking forward to, like, Starbucks or something, and I want something kind of dumb. I want two Starbucks drinks, and I only need one and can’t decide.”