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UFC Ring Girl Brittney Palmer Stuns In Business Woman Look
UFC Ring Girl Brittney Palmer Stuns In Business Woman Look,UFC ring girl Brittney Palmer is proving that she is all business, while still looking stunning. See the photos here.

UFC Ring Girl Brittney Palmer Stuns In Business Woman Look

UFC ring girl Brittney Palmer proves she is all business while still looking stunning.

Her latest photo certainly grabbed the attention of her Instagram followers after showing off her body in a business suit.

Brittney Palmer Grabs Fans’ Attention Flaunting Chest

Instagram | Brittney Palmer

In the first photo shared, Brittney Palmer is seen sitting on a chair wearing a pair of black, white, and gray plaid dress slacks paired with a tight black corset-like top. Although she is going for a business look, the UFC ring girl’s chest practically pops out of her top, grabbing the attention of her followers on Instagram.

“‘Well, we’re business women. From LA’ @kamela ? #IYKYK,” Palmer captioned the post.

Fans were quick to comment things such as “That suit on youtube wow ❤️‍?❤️‍?❤️‍?” and “Absolutely Sexy and Stunning ?.”

Brittney Palmer Is All Business

Instagram | Brittney Palmer

In another post, Palmer dressed up her outfit by throwing on a matching plaid blazer and a pair of black high heel shoes. She posed for a mirror selfie in what looked to be a public bathroom as she got ready for her day.

“You are a beauty art❤,” one fan wrote as another said, “You are gorgeous.”

A third commented, “Business as usual,” while one of her fans said, “Pretty ?.”

Brittney Palmer On Her UFC Start

Instagram | Brittney Palmer

Brittney Palmer started modeling at a young age and has since grown to be one of the most popular UFC ring girls to date.

“I grew up in Las Vegas, and that’s the UFA (Ultimate Fighting Association) headquarters,” she explained. “When I was 19 years old, I danced in show business and was involved in the modeling world. They had auditions to be the WEC (World Extreme Cagefighting) Octagon Girl. I auditioned, got the job, and have been loyal to the UFA and UFC family for five years. When they merged, they brought me over.”

When speaking on the future of the UFC, Palmer says she feels it is already there, even calling it the “new NFL.”

“I think MMA is already there,” she admitted. “I mean, you can’t get bigger than UFC right now. It’s the fastest-growing sport in the world. It’s in 150 countries right now and getting bigger and bigger every day. We’re on FOX and FUEL. We’re at the pinnacle right now, so what I think will happen with MMA in the future is already happening, and I think it’s just going to grow. I think it’s the new NFL.”

Palmer is more than just a UFC ring girl, though. She is also an aspiring artist and a former Playboy cover model. A few years ago, Palmer opened up about how hard it is to juggle simultaneously attending UCLA and doing her work as a UFC ring girl.

“It’s tough,” she said. “I’m going to two different art schools. UCLA is just one of them. I can take some time off and schedule my schooling with my UFC press tours. I’m taking art, and I find it fun to go to school because it’s something I like to do in my spare time, so it’s not an obligation to me. It’s difficult to juggle the two sometimes, but for the most part, it’s easy.”

The four-time “Ringcard Girl of the Year” recently had one of her pieces displayed at Carnevale Gallery in Las Vegas.