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20 characters to share an herbal refreshment with
20 characters to share an herbal refreshment with,When it is time to sit back, relax, and take your mind off the chaos of the world, it is nice to do so with an herbal refreshment of sorts in hand and people who can enhance the experience.

20 characters to share an herbal refreshment with

When it is time to sit back, relax, and take your mind off the chaos of the world, it is nice to do so with an herbal refreshment of sorts in hand and people who can enhance the experience. One never wants a downer in the blunt rotation, right? With that, it is time to look at TV and movie characters that would be worthy of sharing said herbal refreshment with.

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The Dude, ‘’The Big Lebowski’

3 Arts Entertainment

Abbi and Ilana would be the perfect pair to share a bowl with before getting into the wildest of adventures in and around New York City, where the night could lead anywhere from an underground speakeasy to a dog wedding in Central Park.

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Crawl, ‘Son in Law’

Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

At no point in Son in Law did Pauly Shore smoke, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put two and two together to know his character, Crawl, was the ultimate party resident advisor for a reason.

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Michael Scott, ‘The Office’


Wait, what? The boss? Well, it would have to be at an Alicia Keys concert because, as the kids say, if you know, you know.

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Smokey, ‘Friday’

New Line Cinema

Just so long as everyone knew it was bought and paid for and Big Worm wasn’t waiting around the corner, quality time with Smokey in this regard would be a story worth telling one’s grandchildren about.

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Ruth Langmore, ‘Ozark’


Life in the Ozarks can be insanely stressful if, all of a sudden, one finds themselves working with a family who is in cahoots with the cartel. That means people like Ruth Langmore need something to take the edge off, and who wouldn’t wanna sit on her property in the middle of the woods, beside a lake, and swap stories? Of course, hers would be way more interesting.

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Marty Mikalski, ‘Cabin in the Woods’


Having an edible and sitting underneath the stars is something Marty Mikalski from Cabin in the Woods would enjoy. Just so long as he wasn’t too paranoid that someone was plotting against him and the rest of the group.

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Darius, ‘Atlanta’


Darius is forever the heart of Atlanta with his eccentric outlook on life and soulful approach to the world. With that, one has to wonder what immaculate philosophies Darius would come up with after a couple of hits.

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Elizabeth Halsey, ‘Bad Teacher’

Columbia Pictures

Off school grounds, it’d be hilarious to share a refreshment of that nature with one of the baddest teachers out there. It would make sense, too, since it’s said that Cameron Diaz used to make purchases from the one and only Snoop Dogg back in high school.

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Frankie Bergstein, ‘Grace and Frankie’


People Frankie’s age were doing all the things back in the ‘60s, so you know she’s a pro and can handle anything tossed at her. She’d probably have a great stash she grew herself!

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Travis Birkenstock, ‘Clueless’

Paramount Pictures

Cher and Dionne may’ve been the coolest kids in Clueless, but when it comes time to party, it’s all about kicking it with the skater boy, Travis. Plus, he’d always provide fresh Egg McMuffins. He might be late with them, but he’d have them.

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Elyse and Steven Keaton, ‘Family Ties’

Paramount Television/NBC

Anyone who watched Family Ties got the feeling that Alex P. Keaton’s parents were, well, doing more than just protesting in their youth.

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Gigi, ‘Booksmart’

United Artists Releasing

Gigi was not a main character, but that is the energy she gave throughout the movie as the eccentric girl who just popped up whenever. To be in her blunt rotation and be in that mind would be the ultimate trip.

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Charlie Kelly, ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’

3 Arts Entertainment/FXX

An herbal refreshment seems sort of tame for a guy who huffs paint and eats cat food, but hey, any time spent with Charlie Kelly is time well spent.

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Ron Slater, ‘Dazed and Confused’

Gramercy Pictures

Sitting on the 50-yard line with Ron Slater has been the dream of many since Dazed and Confused dropped back in 1993.

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Issa Dee, ‘Insecure’

HBO Entertainment

Who hasn’t imagined themselves being stressed out of their minds and letting it all go with their bestie, Issa Dee, out in front of The Dunes apartments in LA? Those are the days when you need a friend like Issa the most, and she’d be right there with her own struggles and some friendly banter.

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Gandalf, ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring’

New Line Cinema

There’s a reason that wizard was always roaming around with that pipe.

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Adam, Anders, and Blake, ‘Workaholics’

Comedy Central

The guys from Workaholics are the type of coworkers people equally yearn for and dread because, on the one hand, they’ll always be able to hook you up with some fun, but on the other hand, they’d always be messing around. Gotta take the good with the bad sometimes to ensure the good times.

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Cheech and Chong, ‘Up in Smoke’

Paramount Pictures

Cheech and Chong are on the Mount Rushmore of this situation alongside Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg. There’s no way they aren’t on everyone’s list.

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The Gang, ‘That ‘70s Show’


If there was one thing That ‘70s Show taught fans, it’s that parents during that era did not comprehend what went on in the basement of their own homes, which would be great for all those who imagined themselves in that infamous smoke circle.