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19 Of The Best Moments From “Barbie” That People Simply Cannot Get Over
19 Of The Best Moments From "Barbie" That People Simply Cannot Get Over,He's just Allan.

19 Of The Best Moments From “Barbie” That People Simply Cannot Get Over

First of all, spoiler alert! Okay, moving on:

Recently, people on Twitter have been sharing their absolute fave moments from Barbie, and I’ve had such a fun time reading them all and reliving bits of the movie. Personally, my fave was all the horses that the Kens thought were sooo necessary for Patriarchy… God I wish that were real. Here are some of the best tweets:

1. The way they handled Margot Robbie (of all people) having to say she wasn’t pretty:

barbie: “i’m not pretty anymore”*freeze-frame* narrator speaks: “note to filmmakers: margot robbie is not the actress to get this point across” https://t.co/qEvwpmgaKa

— cameron (@cambeserious) July 29, 2023Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @cambeserious

2. How great the SET DESIGN was!!!

One of my favorite BARBIE details is they actually built these legs, it’s not a CGI effect. “They’re real — we scaled up Margot’s legs and made them,” production designer Sarah Greenwood told me. “They were physically on that set so the little girls could come in and touch them.” pic.twitter.com/qrkfzO2Tuk

— Kyle Buchanan (@kylebuchanan) July 28, 2023Twitter: @kylebuchanan

3. When Barbie was so relatable and just wanted to give up:

when margot laid on the ground like a doll 😭 https://t.co/6TrnaJC8v3 pic.twitter.com/DI6jkGKEcF

— thing 1 (@harleyoIogy) July 30, 2023Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @harleyoIogy

4. When we all got to see the absolute beauty of being human 🙂:

The ending montage of childhood clips or wtv, even tho I’m a man and don’t know a mother daughter relationship that shit hit me

— APKA ABU (@notashumm) July 29, 2023Twitter: @notashummAnd BTW (very touching), Greta Gerwig sourced that montage from her cast and crew, who were able to submit footage of friends and family members. So cute!!!

5. When Ken made me belly laugh:

Ken calmly walking behind a wall and bellowing SUBLIME at the top of his voice is a top 10 cinema moment https://t.co/lu0Akk5gkf

— Conor Brannigan🌹supports WGA and SAG-AFTRA (@Conchobar2003) July 31, 2023Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @Conchobar2003Fun fact: Ryan Gosling improvised that line, and just chose a new funny word for every take.

6. All the little ways the movie really made you feel like you were in Barbie Land:

I think my favorite part of Barbie is the establishment of how Barbieland works. A wonderful childlike sense of how the world works with dialogue that purposely feels like it was written by an 8 year old girl.

— Kevin Fox @ Game Writing (@Michigrimk) July 30, 2023Twitter: @Michigrimk

7. Poor Allan.

I’m a man without power, does that make me a woman? https://t.co/Uq5TRJ8VxA

— ale ❖ 🐇🐇 (@tragicomicsans) July 30, 2023Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @tragicomicsans

8. When we all got to have a mini fashion show in the cinema:

My favorite part of watching the Barbie movie was going to the theaters in pink and being greeted “hi Barbie!” by other girls wearing pink. I love girls 🥺

— kiki (@msgmami) July 30, 2023Twitter: @msgmami

9. When we saw the best-choreographed dance scene since Singin’ in the Rain:

The whole movie was amazing, but I felt the dance scene was spectacular! Gave such like an old Hollywood movie vibes. pic.twitter.com/9ejB1urFkE

— Barricade Ken (@merboytears) July 29, 2023Twitter: @merboytears

10. When Issa Rae absolutely embodied the role of President Barbie:

whenever issa rae was on the screen https://t.co/y7jD3nm8lx

— gaia (@gaialect) August 1, 2023Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @gaialect

11. When Barbie made me wonder: Did Barbie Land have a… female Mussolini?

she called me a fascist…but I don’t control the railways…or the flow of commerce… https://t.co/bvOxJlGzPm

— this barbie is not j*ss (@itsnotjess123) July 30, 2023Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @itsnotjess123

12. When we got to see Earring Magic Ken (iykyk):

The best part of Barbie for me was getting to experience what my husband feels like during a Marvel movie.Leaning over to loudly whisper THAT WAS A REAL TOY, clutching his arm when they showed my fav Barbie, then tipsily expounding on Earring Magic Ken on the train home 🥰

— Paige Byerly, PhD (@paigebyerly) July 30, 2023Twitter: @paigebyerly

13. When Barbie and Ken were in the real world, but before they discovered Patriarchy:

when she sees the pageant (?) women on the billboard in the real world and says “oh look, the supreme court! they are so amazing” https://t.co/Rvhqs6l3YD

— abby (@abbsmk) July 31, 2023Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @abbsmk

14. The way Margot Robbie gave one of her best-ever performances:

Apparently this is a hot take but I think Margot Robbie is the beating heart of Barbie? Her eager yet earnest portrayal of an object discovering what makes us human is perhaps the greatest example of the ‘authentic artificiality’ that Greta Gerwig hoped to channel.

— stoobs (@thejstoobs) July 25, 2023Twitter: @thejstoobs

15. When Barbie was the CUTEST:

This was the best moment of the film. There’s never been an elderly Barbie before so Barbie has never seen an old woman before. And things like sexism and ageism don’t exist in Barbieland so her initial reaction was to see the beauty in aging. https://t.co/MF4nnxQK7Y

— Insta : @Jaheliss / Drunk Cook 🇩🇴 (@JahelisWasHere) July 26, 2023Twitter: @JahelisWasHere

16. Ken’s realest moment:

cannot stop thinking about ryan gosling’s delivery of “honestly, when I found out patriarchy wasn’t about horses, I lost interest” https://t.co/AI6nsWS0Yf

— claire (@clx1re) July 30, 2023Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @clx1re

17. When the movie made us all want to go home and watch P&P:

the depressed barbie advertisement 😭 bro i was crying https://t.co/dlyHyG3OjS

— cris⁷ (@sweetenedtaetae) July 29, 2023Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @sweetenedtaetae

18. When the dad really needed to keep his streak going:

When they cut to the dad and he was just sitting doing Duolingo. https://t.co/n4gEahqV8Y

— Euan Yours (@EuanYours) July 30, 2023Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @EuanYours

19. And finally, the way the movie celebrated women’s joy and the beauty of living a full life. 🥲

my favorite part of barbie is that it doesn’t assume that womanhood is an inherently painful experience but that it is made painful by external forces rather than because of some innate reason & that women’s joy should be the norm and not extraordinary

— chloë moore (@cmoore1925) July 25, 2023Twitter: @cmoore1925

Let us know your favorite moments from Barbie — I always want to know! And if you enjoyed these tweets, feel free to give these accounts a follow.