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Lucy Hale went to rehab when she was 23
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Lucy Hale went to rehab when she was 23

Lucy Hale has revealed she went to rehab when she was 23.

The Pretty Little Liars star, who is almost two years sober, revealed on Wednesday’s episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast that she went to rehab nine years ago to tackle her alcohol problem.

“I went to rehab when I was 23. I don’t even think anyone on the show knew. And it was my choice too,” the 34-year-old actress. “That was like a very pivotal moment in my life. I wasn’t ready to give up drinking which is why I didn’t get sober until I was 32 but there was like deep fear of what would happen if I continued acting this way for a very long time.”

She continued, “I had tried so many different things – rehab, outpatient, inpatient, trauma centre, therapy, medication, you name it. There was always a very strong desire to want to stop but I don’t know how I would have gotten sober in my 20s in LA being successful.”

Lucy shared her sobriety journey publicly when she celebrated being sober for a year on 2 January. In an interview earlier this year, she explained that she was a “textbook binge drinker” who couldn’t consume booze in moderation.

On Call Her Daddy, the Katy Keene star admitted that she was in a “very sad cycle for all of my 20s” and became “deeply ashamed” of the choices she made and the person she became when she drank.

She confessed that during that “really dark” time, she took cocaine, slept with people she regretted, and was taken advantage of while drunk. When asked if she ever woke up in a hospital, Lucy confirmed that she had.