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Key Evidence In Jonathan Majors’ Case Sealed From The Public For This Reason
Key Evidence In Jonathan Majors' Case Sealed From The Public For This Reason,It has been revealed that key evidence in actor Jonathan Majors' trial would only be heard behind closed doors.

Key Evidence In Jonathan Majors’ Case Sealed From The Public For This Reason

It has been revealed that key evidence in Jonathan Majors’ trial would only be heard behind closed doors. In the Marvel star’s first hearing today, the judge in charge of the case agreed to clear out all the spectators, as doing otherwise would “threaten” the integrity of the jury selection.

Majors was initially arrested in March following an altercation with a woman whom he was reportedly involved with at the time. He was then charged with several counts of misdemeanor assault and harassment charges and faces up to a year in prison if found guilty.

Why The Judge Agreed To A Close Door Session To Hear The Sealed Evidence


Hours after Jonathan Majors arrived in court for day one of his misdemeanor assault and harassment, major news about the case has emerged.

According to reports, Judge Michael Gaffey, who is in charge of Major’s trial, has agreed to hold a closed-door session for the prosecutor and defense to argue a piece of evidence currently unavailable to the public.

Since the charges were brought against the actor, they have been extensively discussed publicly by several news outlets and on social media. Majors’ lawyers now believe that “the disclosure on this one limited issue would taint the jury pool beyond repair.”

After listening to the defense, Gaffey ruled that the information in question was “likely to be prejudicial and inflammatory.” He also mentioned that allowing the motion to be heard publicly would “harm the actor’s ability to field an impartial jury and receive a fair trial.”

Media Organizations Want The Evidence In Jonathan Majors’ Trial Unsealed


Unsurprisingly, Gaffey’s ruling didn’t go down well with some interested parties, and as such, they argued in court that it should be changed.

“We are flying blind,” said Katherine Bolger, an attorney representing media organizations opposed to sealing the evidence.

Jonathan Majors and his girlfriend Meagan Good arrived on trial for domestic violence at Manhattan Criminal Court in the US. #Marvel #MarvelStudios pic.twitter.com/TZeZbtMZ7J

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The lawyer also asserted that there had already been “pre-trial publicity,” seemingly suggesting that the defense had no reason to call for the evidence to remain sealed. To support her claim, she noted that numerous news outlets have reported on previous allegations of misbehavior by Majors.

However, Judge Gaffey maintained that disclosing the evidence would lead to it being reported by the press, possibly tainting the jury selection process.

Jonathan Majors Faces Up To A Year In Prison If Found Guilty


Regarding the charges against the actor, Majors has consistently asserted his innocence. He could face up to a year behind bars if found guilty at the end of the trial.

The charges were brought against him two days after his arrest in March by police responding to a 911 call from a female named Grace Jabbari. At the time, the police released a statement claiming that Jabbari informed them that she was “assaulted” by Majors. They also reported that she “sustained minor injuries to her head and neck and was removed to an area hospital in stable condition.”

As Majors’ case progresses, Jabbari is expected to testify against the actor for the prosecutors and has reportedly been cooperating with them all this time. The prosecutors have also stated that her testimony is not a quid pro quo, for letting go of the assault charges against her that were initially brought up against her.

Jonathan Majors Has Lost A Lot Of Opportunities Due To The Allegations


In the meantime, Majors lost numerous opportunities, amounting to millions of dollars since he made the headlines in March after his arrest.

Per Deadline, he was removed from an upcoming film adaptation of Walter Mosley’s 2004 novel, “The Man in My Basement,” a project he was set to executive produce.

Additionally, negotiations for his role in a biopic about the late musician Otis Redding fell through, and he is no longer being considered for that film. It was also reported that Majors will no longer feature in an advertising campaign for the Texas Rangers MLB team.

Amid the loss of these projects, the public-relations company that represented the “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” star chose to sever its ties with him, and the same decision was made by his manager. The actor also stepped down from being a Gotham Film and Media Institute board member.