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Barbie Dreamhouse Turned Into Encanto Casita In Adorable TikTok
In a TikTok video, one creative user transforms a Barbie Dreamhouse into the Casita where the Madrigal family lives in Disney's Encanto.

Barbie Dreamhouse Turned Into Encanto Casita In Adorable TikTok

A neat TikTok video shows one user transforming a Barbie Dreamhouse into Encanto‘s Casita. Though Encanto was released to theaters in November 2021, it wasn’t until the film debuted on Disney+ in December that it became a massive hit. Critics and audiences alike have praised Encanto‘s story and its heroine, Mirabel. Unsurprisingly, the film’s music has also been a major part of its success. “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” became no less than a pop culture phenomenon, but all of the soundtrack’s original songs wound up on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

Another way Encanto stands out is through the Casita where the Madrigal family lives. Not only is it their home, but it’s also where they receive their gifts through a magical candle. The Casita both keeps them safe and protects their powers. It’s crucial to many of Encanto‘s most significant scenes, with its destruction serving as the movie’s climax. Luckily, the home is rebuilt in the end, with the Madrigal family stronger than ever as a result.

On TikTok, user jasminmaes5 chronicled turning a Barbie Dreamhouse into the Encanto Casita. The video shows the colorful exterior of the house that’s very similar to how it appears in the film. Each character’s room has also been recreated in impressive detail. Check out the TikTok at the link below.

Click to watch the TikTok video

The video highlights just how much the Casita in Encanto is a character all on its own. In addition to being vital to the story, it’s also integral to establishing the look and feel of the film. The home’s vibrancy not only reflects the Madrigal family but also their gifts. The TikTok recreation captures this as well, making it remarkably true to the movie.

Disney films often push creative viewers to make fan art, songs, and other media inspired by stories or characters. However, Encanto seems to have struck a chord unlike any movies before it, with people who love the Madrigal family and their journey creating everything from cosplay honoring Mirabel and Isabela’s relationship to a fan comic imagining how Bruno met his rat friends. The film has been especially popular on TikTok, with many users recreating Encanto‘s songs in live-action. It could be argued the platform played a major role in the movie’s success, with many seeking it out after watching videos inspired by it. Based on the Casita TikTok, Encanto will continue to resonate with online creators.

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