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DC Titans Season 4 BTS Image Teases Beast Boy's New Look
A new behind-the-scenes photo taken from the set of Titans season 4 hints at a brand new look for Ryan Potter's Gar Logan aka Beast Boy.

DC Titans Season 4 BTS Image Teases Beast Boy's New Look

A new behind-the-scenes photo taken from the set of Titans season 4 promises a new look for Ryan Potter’s Gar Logan. Based on DC’s Teen Titans comic series, the show follows the titular team of young superheroes led by Brenton Thwaites’ Dick Grayson (AKA Nightwing). First airing on the now-defunct DC Universe streaming platform in 2018, the show made its way over to HBO Max for season 3, which began airing in August last year. Titans season 4 was announced at last year’s DC Fandome event held in October.

Potter’s Gar, or Beast Boy, is in possession of shapeshifting abilities that make it possible for him to transform into green versions of various animals. While his comic and animated counterparts are known for the large assortment of animals his character can transform into, throughout Titans, Gar has only been shown to transform into a tiger apart from two exceptions throughout the show’s entire run. In the Titans season 2 premiere, he managed to transform into a snake and, more recently, in season 3’s penultimate episode, Beast Boy transformed himself into a bat in a bid to help transport Dick Grayson’s body to the Lazarus Pit.

Most recently, Titans director Nicholas Copus has taken to social media to share a new behind-the-scenes glimpse of filming on the new season 4. After recently taking a two-week break from production, Copus shared a new picture of Gar sporting a much neater haircut than what fans are used to. In the image, he is also wearing what appears to be a red braclet or bangle on his right arm. Check out Copus’ original post below:

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While Gar’s most notable change is his new hairdo, what is particularly interesting about the new Titans image is Beast Boy’s wristwear. Over the past few seasons, the show’s characters have all had a number of costume changes and upgrades, and this photo may point to another potential upgrade for Gar in Titans season 4. Another of the show’s directors, Boris Mojsovski, has already teased a costume change for the character earlier this year. However, it’s so far unclear what the reason behind his new bangle is. Whether or not it serves a functional purpose remains to be seen, but it could possibly be an object that assists Beast Boy in perfecting his animal transformations.

It is apparent that the effort involved in shapeshifting into anything other than his tiger form requires a good deal of concentration for Gar. His transformation into a bat during Titans season 3 did not go anywhere near as smoothly as he is used to, and the act seemed to take a lot out of him. The promise of a new device or implement that can assist in honing his abilities would not be too far out of the question. Of course, the bangle could also just as easily serve no other purpose than the character’s attempt to change up his look. Viewers will need to wait for Titans season 4 to return to HBO Max to find out.

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